Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Potato picking pics....

For your viewing pleasure, some potato picking pics. I did not do much editing on them as they are more snapshot and I wanted to "keep them real" as Lisa did a few weeks ago although hers were much better than mine. LOL
And they're off......
Filling their buckets
Proud of her big potato
Sophia stopping for a photo...
Olivia and Grandpa working....
Sophia on Grandpa's tractor
Olivia holding a potato that looks like a duck


Has it really been one month since I've blogged? I can't believe it! We have had a busy month here and we have less than 5 weeks before school starts. They started off with Chinese Culture Camp, 2 family reunions on the same weekend (one Sat and one Sun), Olivia had Vacation Bible School (loved it!), Father's Day, dentist appointments (yuck!) and my mom's birthday. For mom's birthday, I picked up my niece and we went shopping and out to dinner with the family minus David. I was supposed to have my photo workshop but it was moved to the fall. I was really looking forward to it since we gave up the agency picnic to go BUT the fall is going to be so much better weather wise plus we will be able to have some of the lovely fall foliage (and it is going to be moved to the 'Ville instead of Lexington). Since I wasn't going to the workshop, we had my family over to celebrate mom's birthday. We swam, cooked out and the guys played a few rounds of corn hole on the new corn hole boards we got David for Father's Day. All in all we had a great June.

Now that July is upon us, we had some really cool weather the last week. I actually had the air off and the windows open -- that just doesn't happen in July here in KY. Now we are back up in the 80s/90s and can use the pool again. We had an adult only night last Friday where we went to dinner with some friends and to their house for adult conversation. I love my kids but it was so nice to go out to dinner with friends and be able to carry on a conversation with out having to say "Sit down", "Eat your supper", "Use your indoor voice, please" a hundred times! We have a few more things lined up for the rest of the summer and can't wait to go on vacation to Florida. It will be the first time the girls have been to Florida and we will be seeing my dad. Our plan is to go to Disney 2 days while we are there and then go to the Gulf coast for a few days. It will be the first time we've been to Disney with the girls so wish us luck! Also, last night the girls went on their first ever potato picking event in my in-laws garden. They had so much fun but Olivia admitted it was hard work!

I will post some more pics of the potato picking and swimming soon. I have to "rescue them" from Lightroom! I am almost to my 200th post and I think I am going to do a giveaway so stay tuned.