Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas pics

Well, I took the photos for our Christmas picture tonight. Here is a sampling of the night. I won't say which one(s) are actually for the card so you'll be surprised.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's on my tree?

Sandra of Jazzie and Tahlia fame posted pics of ornaments on her tree so I thought I would post a few of mine. I only have a few because they didn't turn out quite right. So without further ado.....

Our tree with 7 strands of lights! (We got teased last year by our good friend Teri because we only had 2 strands on there so I had to buy new lights! These are just for you, Teri!)

Olivia's first Christmas home ornament.

Sophia's first Christmas home ornament.

A Hallmark Holiday Barbie ornament. My mom got me all of these ornaments.

And the first Hallmark Adoption ornament in 2002 given to me by my mom just after we decided to adopt from China.........

"More than a dream come true...."

"Finding a special child to love...."

My Kohl's around the world ornaments...

And my Christopher Radko adoption ornaments....

All was quiet and I assumed the worst...

The other morning I was in the kitchen getting ready to start lunch and it was awfully quiet in the house which usually means only one thing.......the girls are into something they aren't supposed to be in. Well, I was wrong. Sophia's big thing is getting the pillows off of Olivia's bed, bring them into the living room, get a cover and lay down. So, this is what was going on.....

Olivia reading to Sophia.

Caught mom with the camera......

So I'm going to close my eyes!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

3 years ago today........

Presenting Long Fu Yu!!

Look at her long, thin fingers.......

.....we got the call that we were FINALLY parents! It was a wonderful day! I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Most of our DTC group had gotten their calls a few days before us as our agency translated some things before getting referrals and making calls. They called me at 10:07 in the morning. I had been e-mailing my travel mate Susan wondering if we would get that infamous call that day. We had just been lamenting how hard it was to see our DTC group get their calls while we were still waiting. I had just typed a line similar to -I guess we weren't going to get the call today (as our agency usually made calls about 9:00/9:30) but I guess it is all in God's timing and as I was about to hit send I heard Theresa (our receptionist) say "may I tell her who's calling?" and she was looking at me. She put the person on hold and said "It's Suzanne". So I start shaking and saying Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I was so nervous! So, I calmed down and got on the phone and she said "Congratulations, you're a mommy!" - the phrase I waited a long time to hear. She said she has big beautiful eyes. She was in the Suichuan WI in the Jiangxi Province. Her name is Long Fu Yu and her birthday was 3-7-03. She weighed 13.8 pounds and was 27 inches tall/long. She said we can FedEx your package and I said no way I'd be there in about an hour. As I was talking to her I realized I hadn't sent the send button yet to Susan so I typed "I'm on the call right now so get ready!". Once I hung up the phone I tried to call David. He didn't answer his cell phone or at the house. I called my friend, Missy, as she was going to drive me to Lexington. (Sorry Mom!) She was not at her desk so I tried David again several times. Again, no answer. So, I tried Missy again and we set up a place to meet - but I didn't tell her anything about Olivia. I had a thought about where David might be. I called the gym and asked if they could ask if he was there and he was. They gave him the phone and I said "Hi daddy!" I told him about our daughter and asked him to go with us to Lexington. He slept in the car on the way since he had been working all night. We had traffic and a stop in Frankfort before we got to the agency. Once we got there we asked to see Rachel to get our pictures. She was the most beautiful girl I had seen. We all cried. After we got back in the car David said "I'm so glad we got a pretty baby." (Note: we think all babies are pretty but he had been awake all night and still had to go to work that night - so he was a little slap happy.) We called our parents, our siblings and a few friends and told them to come to our house that evening but we did not give any details. I made copies at Meijer for everyone and got a referral celebration cookie. The parents were first and then the friends. It was a great day. I took a few pictures of Olivia today with her referral picture.

Her mug shot........

And pics from today.......

Monday, November 13, 2006

Something about my hubby and Sophia

My husband plays all instruments. He has for a long time. He used to play with his grandfather as a boy and as an adult. They would play some nights for hours. Sadly, his grandfather passed away a few years ago and my hubby played the fiddle at his funeral. David would go to his grandmother's and play for her after Mr. Jack's passing. She loved hearing David play and it was her wish that after she passed away she wanted some of her estate to pay to get David a piano. Sadly she passed away last year just before we got our referral for Sophia. David chose a keyboard vs a piano because he wanted to be able to take the keyboard places. In keeping with the tradition of playing at the grandparents (okay not his grandparents but his daughters' grandparents), David's parents made arrangements for several people to come to their house last Saturday to play music. David took his keyboard, fiddle and guitars. There was also drums and other guitars there too. Sophia LOVES music and she had a blast. She loved the drums the most. Here are a few pics of her playing the drums and hubby on the keyboard:

David playing his keyboard

He loves music!

Sophia and the drummer.

Drumming away!

I think we may see some drums in her future - far, far into the future!

Not to be outdone by her little sister, Olivia had to have a turn!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

One year ago.....

.....yesterday Sophia was put in our arms. She has been an easy baby. Here are a few things about her:

- She weighs 27.25 pounds and 33 inches tall (as of her dr appointment
- She loves to laugh
- She loves books - yea!
- She is taking speech therapy and improving especially her signing. She is not saying the words but is signing "I Love You" and it makes this mommy's heart just swell.
- She is going to a mother's day out program twice a week and loves it
- She is running and is starting to climb things
- She loves most veggies especially green veggies
- She's had her first haircut and not one tear was shed
- She's been to the dentist - no tears here either!
- She is nearsighted and will mostlikely need glasses in the near future
- She is climbing into her sister's bed and covering up so I'm guessing we'll be moving her out of her crib soon.
- I thought she was going to be my sports girl but she is becoming such a girly, girl
- She loves the water and enjoyed going to the waterpark this summer - but she didn't like the slides like Olivia does
- She loves her sister. They will hug and kiss each other one minute but then fight over the same toy a second later!
- She can find the smallest thing on the floor and insert it into her mouth in 2 seconds flat!
- She poops on the potty and has since we got her in China.

I'll try to add a few pics tomorrow. Sophia has a sinus infection and has not been very photogenic......

November 1, 2005 with Daddy!

November 1, 2006 - Happy one year in our family baby! We LOVE you!!

Photoshow from one year ago