Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's on my tree?

Sandra of Jazzie and Tahlia fame posted pics of ornaments on her tree so I thought I would post a few of mine. I only have a few because they didn't turn out quite right. So without further ado.....

Our tree with 7 strands of lights! (We got teased last year by our good friend Teri because we only had 2 strands on there so I had to buy new lights! These are just for you, Teri!)

Olivia's first Christmas home ornament.

Sophia's first Christmas home ornament.

A Hallmark Holiday Barbie ornament. My mom got me all of these ornaments.

And the first Hallmark Adoption ornament in 2002 given to me by my mom just after we decided to adopt from China.........

"More than a dream come true...."

"Finding a special child to love...."

My Kohl's around the world ornaments...

And my Christopher Radko adoption ornaments....

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