Sunday, March 23, 2008

To hide or not to hide that is the question....

First of all I want say I hope everyone had a very happy Easter today. We had a good day even though we had to wear our winter coats to church today. We went to Grandma and Grandpa for lunch and no Easter lunch is complete unless you have the bunny cake that Grandma makes. After lunch, we took the girls to David's aunts house for an egg hunt. They had a ball! Liv got one of the "golden eggs" with $5.00 -- other eggs had money in them too but the "golden eggs" had the most.

Now to my question, but let me preface by saying that we never really talked about the Easter Bunny to the girls and up until 2 days ago I didn't even know Olivia thought the EB brings the baskets. Tonight though she knows Mommy and Daddy gives them the baskets and no there wasn't anyone that told her she just figured it out. It really took me by surprise because she thanked me for something in the basket and our conversation just took its course. Anyway back to the question. Growing up our baskets were always just placed on the table waiting for us when we woke up. I was talking to my friend yesterday and she commented that she was going to leave an egg with 1 piece of chocolate with a note from the EB that they would be able to "hunt" for their baskets when they got home from church. I asked what do you mean "hunt for their basket, isn't it on the table when they come downstairs?" Well you would have thought I asked if her hair was pink. LOL She thought that everyone hunted for their basket and just couldn't believe that I had no idea what she was talking about. I did hide the girls baskets today but Olivia is such a nosey girl that she found hers before they were even allowed to look. So my question is -- do you hide the baskets or not? Leave me a comment as I truly want to know what others are doing and/or what you grew up doing and why.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Come on Spring....

We are getting tons of rain today but I am so glad it's rain and not SNOW!! We had an unseasonably warm day the day before it started snowing so after school the girls played on the swingset. Here are a few pics of the girls....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My baby and Kindergarten registration

How is it that it is time to register Olivia for Kindergarten? I mean school doesn't start until August and it is only March. She is so looking forward to going and she has lots of friends from her current Pre-K class that will be going to her school but this mommy is just not ready for Kindergarten even though it is only one more day than she currently goes. This just feel different for some reason. Tonight, we saw many of her current classmates, she took a "test" to see if she was ready for this (of course she passed;-)) and took a tour of the school. I think the highlight of her night was getting a cookie at the end.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW.......**More Pics Added**

To say we've had lots of snow over the last few days is an understatement. It started snowing about 7:00 am Friday and did not stop until after noon on Saturday. We stayed in on Friday and Saturday but today was another story. We went sledding -- well they went sledding while mommy took pictures! Olivia had a ball and Sophia not so much but then again she's not crazy about the slides at the waterpark so it makes sense. Daddy and the girls also made a snowman.

***Blogger is being mean right now so I will leave with a picture of each girl and a promise to post more soon!

Friday, March 07, 2008


I can't believe that my baby is 5 today. She is such a joy. She is however getting a little attitude on her. Ugh! I thought I had a few more years before that happened. Some things about Olivia:
  • She's smart
  • She's sassy
  • She loves her parents (and we love her too!) and is becoming a great big sister (of course they still have their moments as all siblings do
  • She fiercely loves her friends and extended family
  • She loves school, gymnastics and Chinese class
  • She's ready to start Kindergarten (although Mommy's not to sure about sending her LOL)
  • She still takes a nap
  • She is still a tiny peanut -- 30 pounds and 39.25 inches tall

We had her party last weekend which turned out to be a good thing as we are getting covered with snow today and tomorrow -- about 8 - 10 inches. We had a birthday cupcake before Daddy had to go to work this morning.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The party....

While Olivia's birthday is not until this Friday, we had her birthday party this past Saturday. We have always had a low key party for just close friends. This year we decided to have a bowling party and invite her classmates. We had a great turnout and all the kids had a great time! Olivia had so much fun bowling that she wanted to keep bowling. Here are a few pics from the day. I wish I could post more pics but they had others in them and since I don't have their parents permission to post them I can't. Bummer.