Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cute pictures from Sunday

I love this outfit. I bought it in China for Sophia but it is a little big in the top for her.

Look at Sophia making a kissy face. I love it!!

Ready for church.......

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First Day of School.....

Monday was the first day of "school" (really a Mother's Day Out program at a local church). Olivia went part of last year - mid-January to May - and loved it so I thought I'd send both girls this year from the beginning. Olivia did well. She was just a tad clingy Monday morning but did not shed any tears. Sophia also did well. She went right into her room, started playing with a toy and wouldn't even give me a kiss or a hug. Today, she went into her room and started playing but did stop long enough to kiss me good-bye. She is still in her crib for nap and bed so I was unsure how she would do taking a nap on a mat. Monday she did fine but today she was having no part of that. Her teacher said she laid down with her and Sophia took her blanket and covered Ms Gilda's head, kissed her hand and waved bye-bye.

Sophia with her backpack and lunch bag.

Olivia with her backpack and lunch bag.

Both of the girls looking ready to go.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sophia and her speech

I have been concerned about Sophia and her speech for some time now. At 20 months she only says 5 words. KY has an early intervention program called First Steps. Well, I contacted them and she had her evaluation today. They checked not only her speech but also her fine motor skills, development and a few other things. She excelled at everything but speech so she will be getting some speech therapy in the near future. Now, I have the daunting task of finding a speech therapist on their list.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just some cute pics......

Olivia and Sophia after church

Sophia just cheesin' it up for the camera!

And again......

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Collage of vacation

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More vacation pictures......

Olivia and her tye-dye shirt (she enjoyed doing this)

The girls and the grandparents

The girls and their Aunt Donna

Olivia and the sand castle Posted by Picasa

Vacation Pics

Sophia playing in the sand.......

Olivia and Sophia playing in the sand.......

The girls in an outfit we brought home from China.......

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well, we went on vacation last month and had a wonderful time. We went with my in-laws (MIL, FIL and SIL) - a real family vacation. They have a timeshare and it was great. We actually had a one bedroom condo to ourselves so we had lots of privacy. It was the first time the girls saw the beach and they loved the sand and Olivia loved the ocean but Sophia didn't. We spent the week relaxing, swimming, going to the beach, shopping and tye-dying shirts. Olivia really got braver in her swimming. We have been working on jumping in the pool to me or dh but she wanted the comfort of your hands being right under her arms. She started doing what our friends E. and K. call "monster jumps" from the side, letting 2 adults throw her back and forth between them and lastly holding her breath, blowing bubbles through her nose and touching the bottom of the pool with mom holding her hands of course. Here are a few pics from vacation......

Well, I have saved this post trying to add pics but Blogger won't let me. Soooooo, my good friend Sam gave me a tip and I will be posting pics separately. Thanks Sam!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sophia's eye exam

Well, Sophia had an eye exam last month as I thought she might have a lazy eye. It is something I noticed in her referral pictures but talked to her pediatrician about. She thought that it was that the bridge of her nose was wider and that is why it looked that way but she gave me a card for a pediatric opthamologist and said if I wanted to be certain to check it out. I thought it wouldn't hurt to do that so I did (after sitting on the card for a few months). It turns out that she does not have a lazy eye and the ped was right that the bridge of her nose is wider than the norm. She is, however, nearsighted. She is to go back in 9 to 12 months to see if her vision has gotten worse or if it stayed the same. He said if she were in school and needed to see the blackboard he would give her a prescription for glasses. So, I will be making an appointment around the first of the year for sometime from April to July for her to get rechecked. She did really well at the doctor office and let him do whatever he needed to do.

Here is a picture of Sophia on the 4th of July.

Next installment - our vacation to the beach.........