Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well, we went on vacation last month and had a wonderful time. We went with my in-laws (MIL, FIL and SIL) - a real family vacation. They have a timeshare and it was great. We actually had a one bedroom condo to ourselves so we had lots of privacy. It was the first time the girls saw the beach and they loved the sand and Olivia loved the ocean but Sophia didn't. We spent the week relaxing, swimming, going to the beach, shopping and tye-dying shirts. Olivia really got braver in her swimming. We have been working on jumping in the pool to me or dh but she wanted the comfort of your hands being right under her arms. She started doing what our friends E. and K. call "monster jumps" from the side, letting 2 adults throw her back and forth between them and lastly holding her breath, blowing bubbles through her nose and touching the bottom of the pool with mom holding her hands of course. Here are a few pics from vacation......

Well, I have saved this post trying to add pics but Blogger won't let me. Soooooo, my good friend Sam gave me a tip and I will be posting pics separately. Thanks Sam!

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  1. Hey Bec!
    You're welcome!! I'm glad it worked for you too!!!



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