Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First day of school......(and B&W Wednesday)

Well, today is the first day of school for us. My baby is officially in school now. Sophia has a fabulous teacher Mrs. C. She had a pool party 2 weeks ago so the kids could meet her, her assistant Mrs. T and the students in the class. On open house Monday, Sophia went right in to the class and found her spot. She was a little shy but this momma was a tad worried. Yesterday we talked about the first day of school, went to the lake, and watched a movie before bed. While I was cooking supper, Mrs. C. called to talk to Sophia! She told her how much fun they were going to have and what they were going to do today. At open house, we got a folder labeled "Sophia's Homework Folder" but really it had homework for ME! LOL In the folder was a sealed envelope that said "Do not open until the first day of school". Inside there was a letter to Sophia and a poem for me.

Every one has a "first day"
when they feel sad and all alone,
it can be so scary
when you're out on your own.

And I know that a "first day"
can be full of doubts fears,
but they're full of new beginnings.
Take my hankie dry your tears.

You'll find lots of things to do
and you'll probably make new friends.
I promise we'll be together
when the school day ends.

Here comes the teacher
blow your nose and be brave.
Come on now and wipe your eyes,
this is no way to behave.

Well good morning teacher.
We really must beg your pardon.
No, MOMMY doesn't always act this way,
but it's my first day of....KINDERGARTEN!

Olivia is starting 2nd grade this year. She also has a teacher named Mrs. C. She seems really nice and I believe Olivia will do well in her class. Unfortunately, we are over cap size in several 2nd grade classes so they may need to add a teacher. I hope if they do Olivia will get to stay in Mrs. C's class. They have changed the discipline guide that they've had the last several years so I hope this works better for us.

Here are the pictures from today. I used my point and shoot instead of dragging my big camera in today. Sorry there are more pictures of Sophia than Olivia. And since it is Black and White Wednesday at my friend Lisa's blog here, I made one of the pics black and white.
first day of school B&W