Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sophia's 18 month check up and other stuff

I took Sophia for her 18 month check up last Tuesday. She weighs 23 pounds (same as her 3 yo sister!) and is 31.5 inches tall. She got an overall good report and 4 shots. She goes on July 5th to an opthamologist. I am thinking she has a lazy eye but am unsure so I am (finally) going to have it check out for my own peace of mind.

Yesterday I was cooking supper and noticed Sophia was extremely quiet. That isn't too difficult since she doesn't talk much. I came into the living room and she had gotten a book out of Olivia's room and was sitting on the couch "reading". She is really getting into reading.

Sophia reading

Sophia and Olivia reading Phil and Lil Go to the Doctor

Father's Day 2006

I am a bit late in posting but Father's Day was great! David had an awesome day with his 2 daughters and even got cooked breakfast - not in bed as he is ALWAYS up before me. He got his favorite though pancakes and bacon. His parents, brother and sister came over after church for lunch and it was good to be able to spend some time with them even if they didn't get to spend much time with the girls as it was nap time by the time lunch was over. Derek also came over that evening. David was married to his mom and he is the only father Derek has really known so it was good to see him although I wish I had taken a photo of them. My wish for my hubby is that he knows what an awesome dad I think he is and that he KNOWS his girls love him - all 3 of us!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why do I have to be Mom so early?

Olivia in the last week has taken to calling me only mom. I thought I would have a few more years of being mommy so with her calling me this I have been out of sorts this past week. What makes children make this change without asking? Is it that they are getting more independant? Getting older? I have tried telling her that she can't call me mom until she turns 9 but that isn't really fair but I don't want to be mom right now. I want to be mommy for a little longer. Can I be mommy a little longer? According to Olivia, the answer is NO!

At least I still have Sophia. She has very few words and momma is one of them. She knows and understands everything you say but she just won't say the words. She says momma, dada, bye-bye, and something most people won't understand for tickle, tickle, tickle and doggie. Maybe she will call me mommy until she's 9......