Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 yr well check up and a question (again!)

Olivia turned 6 earlier this month and today was her 6 yr old check up. She was actually supposed to have it earlier in the month but since she had strep throat I had to reschedule it. She is very healthy but tiny. She is in the 3rd percentile weighing 32 pounds and 41.5 inches tall. Her doctor is quite please with how she is progressing. Currently she is still in a 5 pt harness car seat. I know that most of her Kindergarten class and most of the other Kindergarteners at her school are in booster seats. I asked her doctor today about moving her because at her growth rate (1 to 2 pounds per year) she could likely not hit 40 pounds (which is what most of the booster seats I've looked at start pound-wise) until middle school and could you imagine what that would do for her self-esteem. He said there were some booster seats that start at 30 pounds but the thought of transitioning her scares me as I know she is safest in the 5 pt harness. So I have been thinking of getting a booster seat and letting her in that once she starts first grade in August as I especially want to keep her in the 5 pt until we get back from vacation in late July. Actually if I want to keep her in the 5 pt I would need to get a new car seat as this one is just over 5 yrs old. Thoughts?

Friday, March 27, 2009

An update to my previous post

First of all I want to thank all of you for your kind words. It really makes me feel better to know that I was not being over-sensitive. Second I wanted to report that I did talk to the teacher this morning and she knew about the incident yesterday and that she sent a note home to this child's parents. She was unaware of the first incident and said she would say something as it is a policy not to hand out invitations at school unless everyone was invited. She understood my position and my concerns. While I was in the carpool line waiting for Olivia to get buckled in I thanked her teacher for talking to me this morning. She told me that she talked to the class today about how hurtful inviting some to a party and not others was. She also told me that she got a note back from the parents from yesterday's incident and they had no clue what she handed out but it was not an invitation to a party as they don't have one scheduled. She also told me that she was going to send a note home to all the parents the first day back from Spring Break gently reminding them about the inviting all or none rule.

Thanks for everything y'all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why do people do this?

As everyone knows Olivia is in Kindergarten this year. It has brought some trials especially now that birthday times are here as the kids turn 6. Olivia is a very observant girl. She knows when things are not as equal to everyone. I purposely did not invite her classmates to her party for a couple of reasons: 1) It was at a place where I would have had to pay for each individual and honestly we just couldn't afford that as she had 10 non-school friends coming and there are 23 in her school class so we are talking 33 kids. 2) Kindergarten is different than her preschool because there is a carpool line in K where I had to take her to her preschool class where I was able to get to know the moms and kids so I just felt a little uncomfortable inviting kids whose parents I didn't know.

Recently 2 of the girls in her class have had birthday parties and only gave invitations to some of the class (both boys and girls). I think if it is a case where these kids went to preschool together then the parent should have made an effort to call the parent of the kid they wanted to invite or sent them an invitation in the mail instead of having either their child or the teacher hand them out. As it is, they hurt other kids feelings (MY KID!)by inviting only some of the class and not all. If Olivia's feeling were hurt, I am sure she was not alone as she tends to let things roll and not let anything get to her but this was different. Tonight was the 2nd time in the last few weeks that she has cried about it.

I feel that when kids are this age it does hurt when you aren't invited to a party when others in the class are. If I had invited one person to a party I would invite them all with the exception of if it was an all girl/boy party as long as but I would have invited all the girls/boys in the class. So now a question to my readers, do you invite all the class or just part of it? Am I just being overly sensitive?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful weather, beautiful girls...

Yesterday we had some beautiful weather. We took the girls to waterfront park to play and of course for me to take some pictures. Once we got there Sophia did not want to cooperate for individual pictures but did take a few with Olivia. After we were done there we went across the river for supper. A great time was had by all.....
Olivia jumping
Olivia on the Great Lawn
Sophia and Olivia

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New cookbook!

Well, I have been in a cooking rut lately and needed some new recipes. A DTC/Agency/Bloggy friend did a fundraiser for one of her daughters to go overseas this summer with a group called people to people. Laurie's daughter Jordan asked for recipes so she could make a cookbook to sell and raise funds for her trip. I submitted a recipe (actually I had intended to send a few more but sadly I only sent one) and so did a bunch of others. Well, Laurie sent me the cookbook the other day and it is fantastic! I tried a recipe (Parmesan Chicken)tonight that my family loved submitted by Anne a DTC/Bloggy friend. If you are in the need for a cookbook and would like to help a fellow adoptive mom (actually her daughter) raise funds, check out her blog.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More from today...

One more park picture
Duck in the creek....


We had a beautiful day here today so Sophia and I went to the park for some photos. Here are 2 pictures from today.....
Sophia at the park

Monday, March 09, 2009

I am officially done with winter and all that comes with it!

I am through with winter! Olivia woke up with a fever (again!) on Saturday morning and complaining about her throat hurting. Just what we needed ON HER BIRTHDAY!! She was to meet her travel group friends for their annual photo shoot and reunion party. I advised the parents and they wanted her to join them. She acted fine but the fever hung around. Although she didn't have a fever this morning I kept her home from school and took her to the doctor. She had a rash on her stomach and yes you guessed it she has strep! UGH!! 2 more times before July 1st and the ole' tonsils come out.

I will post about the reunion tonight! We had a fabulous time and the girls really enjoyed it!