Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 yr well check up and a question (again!)

Olivia turned 6 earlier this month and today was her 6 yr old check up. She was actually supposed to have it earlier in the month but since she had strep throat I had to reschedule it. She is very healthy but tiny. She is in the 3rd percentile weighing 32 pounds and 41.5 inches tall. Her doctor is quite please with how she is progressing. Currently she is still in a 5 pt harness car seat. I know that most of her Kindergarten class and most of the other Kindergarteners at her school are in booster seats. I asked her doctor today about moving her because at her growth rate (1 to 2 pounds per year) she could likely not hit 40 pounds (which is what most of the booster seats I've looked at start pound-wise) until middle school and could you imagine what that would do for her self-esteem. He said there were some booster seats that start at 30 pounds but the thought of transitioning her scares me as I know she is safest in the 5 pt harness. So I have been thinking of getting a booster seat and letting her in that once she starts first grade in August as I especially want to keep her in the 5 pt until we get back from vacation in late July. Actually if I want to keep her in the 5 pt I would need to get a new car seat as this one is just over 5 yrs old. Thoughts?


  1. Jaden doesn't weigh much more than Liv and she's been in a booster for a while now (my new car has one built in). I think as long as the seat belt hits her in the right spots, she'll be fine in a booster. Good luck deciding, our babies are growing up, aren't they?

  2. We experienced the same thing when the Tongginator was younger (in terms of turning around the car seat at 20 pounds). We finally did it with few qualms because there gets to be a point where it's just ridiculous.

    The Tongginator is now five and still in a five-point harness, but then she's a year younger Olivia. When she outgrows this seat (up to 60 pounds, but there is a height restriction which she'll reach long before she gets even close to 60 pounds), we'll get a booster.

    My only advice is to make the decision and then feel confident in it. Yes, an accident could occur. And yes, a five-point harness is safer. But we can't protect our babies from everything. And sometimes the laws are totally over-the-top (in our state, children should stay in boosters up to 80 pounds... umm... the Tongginator will be in high school by then).

  3. Annsle is 4.5 and weighs 40 lbs and is 40 in tall..my square : ) I just bought a new carseat for her when Coby came home and it it goes up to a 5 pt harness at 65 lbs... it will be a booster to 100 lbs. I have seen the video of the child NOT in a 5 pt harness too many times to take her out.

    I finally got to turn Coby around at 15 months..I swear I thought he'd never hit the 20lb mark : )

    In our state you have to be 80 lbs and and 4'11" to be out of a booster..my mother-in-law barely makes the height requirement LOL

    Just do what you think is best for her....you are her Mommy : )

  4. Glad the doctor is happy with her progress. My hubby and I often say Ava will have to go to Prom in a booster seat. Our little Jiangxi girls are petite but mighty.

  5. I have the same thoughts about carseats,the 5 point harness are sooo much safer than just the strap. Zoe is on the big side for a Chinese girl but on the still so tiny side for her mama. I have just graduated her up to this Cosco
    It has both the 5 point harness and the side strap so you can use both if you want.
    Your girls are so beautiful and your photos are wonderful. peace and happiness Bonnie and Zoe


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