Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008 is now a thing of the past....

We had a great Christmas. It started on Sunday evening making and decorating the Christmas cookies at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Olivia really got into it this year.
Then on Christmas Eve we got up and went to Grandma and Grandpa's for breakfast and gifts. Olivia and Sophia each got a school desk which were a huge hit! They also got a markers, tape dispenser (I was tired of them using all my tape!), stapler, 3 hole punch and construction paper. They have had a ball with all of them. Once we got home from G-ma and G-pa's, they got to open a gift from us. It had new pj's and a dry erase board (it has a blank side and a side to practice writing words). Normally we would have my family here on Christmas Eve but since my dad wasn't leaving FL until then we waited to have my family over until Friday. My mom, my nephew Josh and his girlfriend came over for dinner anyway. After dinner, we went to church and Derek and Adam came over. (Derek and Adam are David's step-children from his first marriage.) Finally, Christmas Eve has come to a close.

Christmas morning we had donuts as requested by Olivia. After breakfast, we opened gifts. Olivia got a new bike and helmet, Pixos and a Panda bear from Santa and clothes, books and movies from us and a snowcone maker from Sophia. Sophia got the Cherry Blossom Market, V-Motion game and a baby doll from Santa along with clothes, books and movies from us and a book to go with the Tag Reading system she got for her birthday from Olivia. The book Olivia got her was.....Olivia -- imagine that! After that we went to David's extended family lunch. The kid's got gifts and we sang/acted out the 12 days of Christmas based on your birth month. Sophia didn't want to participate but I think a fun time was had by all.

The day after Christmas was spent lounging around and waiting for my family to come over. My dad did make it over about 1:30ish and he came with a project. He and Olivia (Sophia got uninterested real quick) spent some quality time together making chocolate covered peanut butter crackers. Olivia had a blast and it was nice to see my dad taking an interest in the girls. I have another post for another day on that subject. My brother and his family (and my mom) came over for dinner and gift exchanging. A fun time was had here as well.

Yes, I have pictures of all of these events and will post them soon. My laptop is in the shop being repaired and I hope it gets back soon. I soooo miss my laptop.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I really, really hate this time of the year.....

Well, I finally have one better then the other one gets it! Ugh! Since November 1st we are on our 5th round of antibiotic -- 3 for Olivia and 2 for Sophia. Today Sophia was great. She went to gymnastics and then we went to an International Adoption playgroup sponsored by a local church and as the play time went on she started hanging on me and not wanting to play. We went to lunch with our friends and while we were waiting to order she climbed into my lap. I laid my cheek on her head and I thought she felt like she had a fever. Well, since Olivia and Kaden had strep and she had been around both I called the doctor. They called in an antibiotic for her. Ugh, I am ready for April!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm beginning to hate winter....

I am beginning to hate winter and all it brings with it. Olivia had a snow day yesterday and is home today and tomorrow with yet another bout of strep throat! This is her third one since November 1st. Ugh! She slept a lot yesterday but I didn't think too much about it since we had a busy weekend and I just presumed she was trying to catch up. Then my MIL called to tell me that our nephew had strep throat and he was around the girls on Sunday so when Olivia had a temp of 100.8 at 1:30 am I knew what was coming. Thankfully Kaden and my girls go to the same pediatricians office so they called in a script for her and I didn't have to take her in. She is feeling better but has not totally gotten rid of her fever so no school for her tomorrow. And boy is it COLD here! Is it April yet??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The hair story

Well, as I said a couple of posts ago I went to Gatlinburg for a long weekend. A fun time was had by all. My SIL got a nice pair of houseshoes made out for Kotex with Santas on them!
Now for the hair.....Olivia has just recently been allowed access to her scissors any time she wanted them. Apparently they were absconded by a certain little (now 4!) girl. On Sunday we went to the grocery when I got home, came back gave the girls a bath, got them ready for bed and said the prayer in Sophia's room as is our routine. When I combed her hair after her bath I thought something was different about her hair but just assumed that either she had a lot of new growth or her hair was breaking because of the pony that goes in the top of her hair. Well, I was in Olivia's room having some time with her before bed and David yells for me to come into Sophia's room. Between her chest and bed were the missing scissors and a lot of hair. David was hoping the hair was from a doll but I knew the truth -- Sophia had cut her hair. She cut it right from the front. You really can't tell too much but because I know I can tell.

Happy 4th Birthday Sophia!

Today my baby turned 4! Sophia is a spunky little girl that can have an attitude at times. She is also so loving and caring. She's had a few sleep issues but we think they are resolved. This weekend she got some scissors and cut her hair -- I will do another post about that! Anyway, Happy birthday baby girl! We love you!! BTW -- yes she had a cupcake for breakfast! Daddy works more of a 2nd shift so we didn't want him to miss out on the cake/candle thing!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

New look...

I have to give props to my girl Marla for my new look! She does a wonderful job on my blog. Thanks girl!

Well, I am about to head out for a girls weekend with my wonderful MIL and her family. We are headed to Gatlinburg for some shopping, fun and destressing! I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures for blackmail later. LOL Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Olivia had her first gymnastics meet last month and did great! Her favorite is the bars but was better at the beam for this meet. She had a mishap last week during practice and fell off the beam. She hit one arm and the inside of one leg near her private area which had a nice little bruise. Here are a few pics.