Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for our Gator!! We love it!!! We love you!!!!

Potty training update

Well, Sophia is doing amazing with the potty training. She went a full week without an accident. She had one on Monday evening but she was literally inches from the potty when she had it. I have been trying to let her tell me when she has to go when we are at home so she was trying to make it on her own. She had 2 accidents yesterday - one as she escaped the house to the backyard and one in the bathroom while playing in the water. Today, however we had a turning point. David said she went pee pee all by herself while I was at the girls school turning in their picture order AND tonight just before bath time I knew she was in the bathroom because I heard her shut the bathroom door. I waited a few minutes and went to check on her and she was on the potty going poo poo!!! Yea!!! I am so proud of her!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Potty training, speech and occupational therapy

Well, life here has certainly been busy and I wanted to update a few of the things going on here. We had a wonderful Easter holiday and now the girls are on spring break.

First, we have begun potty training Sophia. She has almost exclusively gone on the potty to poo poo since we got her. When I picked her up from school on Wednesday afternoon I put her in panties as soon as we got home. She had an accident late Thursday evening, one late Friday evening, none on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and only one today. So far, so good. I know it is too soon to say she is trained but we are working hard on it.

Second, Sophia is still doing speech. She had her 6 month review and although she is above where she should be she is still qualifying because the articulation is not where it should be. She is picking out the vowels and saying them but leaving out the consonants. She has been dropped down to every other week instead of once a week.

Third, her speech therapist suggested she be evaluated by an occupational therapist so she could maybe give us some suggestions on how we can use some OT to increase the brain activity so speech will improve. She did give us some ideas and while the ST wanted that she also thinks Sophia will benefit from having a few OT sessions. She had her first one today and it went well. I think next weeks speech is going to be a double session of speech and occupational therapies.

For your viewing pleasure

Here are some pictures from Easter for your viewing pleasure. I curled Olivia's hair with the foam rollers and she loved it!
Here she is with the rollers in
The back after taking the rollers out

The baskets
Sophia looking cute!
Olivia in her Easter finest!
The infamous bunny cake that my sweet MIL makes every year because it just wouldn't be Easter dinner without the bunny cake!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wonderful weather

Until this past Tuesday we have had wonderful weather! We even broke out the shorts. Now we are wearing coats and even had some snow flurries! Brrrrr!!!!!!

Riding bikes in the driveway.......
Looking for Bugga buggas.....
Checking the "mail" at the treehouse....

Monday, April 02, 2007

Egg hunts.....

Saturday we went to our FCC egg hunt and the girls had a ball. They each had 12 eggs and then we had a picnic lunch with some friends. On Sunday afternoon our church had an egg hunt and both girls got a ton of eggs - Sophia had Daddy helping her and Olivia had one of the teens with her. Each kid in attendance got a door prize. I sensed a conspiracy when I see two ladies laughing when they give Sophia sidewalk chalk and Olivia play dough. DH is such a neat freak when it comes to these 2 things! They also found the grand prize eggs. This is an exciting time in the life of our church. We are a church of a year old (we split from our previous church) and have called our first pastor. I am excited to get to know their family and see our church grow. My girls just love our church family and Sophia is especially attached to one boy. (Hi M!) She will see a group of kids, stop, look for him and take off running right to him. Before the FCC hunt......Sophia wanted to hold my hand so I didn't get any photos of them hunting eggs there.