Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black and White Wednesday and catch up

Oh wow has it really been almost 2 months since my last post? Where has the time gone? We are winding down the school year here and are ready for summer. I have so much to catch up with so here I go:

~~Olivia turned 7 in March. I can't believe it. She is such a smart, funny, beautiful little girl. She got glasses in April and loves them.

~~Her travel group came to town the weekend after her birthday. We have an awesome group and we loved every minute of our "families" visit. Sophia also got to see her Londyn (we traveled with this family twice and Londyn and Sophia are from the same orphanage) and we were able to meet her cute little brother Kai for the first time.

~~Olivia got strep throat on Spring Break. Yuck.

~~Both girls played soccer this spring and loved it!

~~In April, my good friend Lisa came to town on business and as a bonus my fabulous Texan friend Marla came too. They were going to surprise me but since my mom was going to be out of town they wanted to make sure I was able to get a sitter. We went to Felicia's house on Tuesday night of their visit for a "girls night". Missy drove up and we had a fabulous time! While Lisa was in her meetings on Wednesday, Marla and I went to the Kentucky Derby Museum. I have been a Louvallian all my life and I have never been so I thought I what better time to go and than to take my friend. We also found time to squeeze in Pedis. Love ya girls!

~~Sophia graduated from Pre-K this month. She had her field trip to the zoo and school she will attend in August. She's been there many times but it was still a treat for her to ride the school van.

~~Olivia has had the best school year. I cannot say enough good things about her teachers this year. She has a high reading level and her testing scores were phenomenal. She is a math machine teaching herself multication and division. We (the school and us parents) are discussing putting her in 3rd grade reading and math only. She can handle the work and will still be with 2nd graders the majority of the time. She thrives on being challenged so we are trying to figure out what would be best for her. Now if we could just get the talking under control. ;-)

~~We are going to the beach next month and can't wait. My mom is going with us and the girls are super excited.

On to the Black and White Wednesday portion of this post. My brother and his family came over for a photo shoot Sunday and I took a few of Olivia. This is my favorite one of her. She looks so lady-like.IMG_7910B&W
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