Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on??? B&W Wednesday edition

Well, I have been really slacking on this blog lately. I can't believe it has been since September that I posted. WOW! We have had quite a busy time and it has finally slacked off a little although spring soccer is going to be starting up soon. So much has gone on, I don't know where to start or what to write about.... I guess I will go with our travel group!

We had a reunion of Olivia's travel group recently and we had a blast. We have always gotten together around February or March to celebrate the union of our family and this year was no different. It always starts with people arriving on Friday night where the girls go swimming. We closed the pool up Friday night. Saturday we would get their photos taken find a fun activity and then gather at our house in the evening for pizza and a birthday party for all the girls since they all have birthdays in January, February and March with the exception of Klaira who has an April birthday. This year was a little different in that they went swimming in the afternoon and then before the party got underway we walked down the street from me and I took their picture. They had fun and it has been amazing to see how they've each changed since 2005. They used to be shy and take a while to warm up to each other but not this time. It was fantastic!

One great thing about this reunion is that Sophia also gets to see someone in her travel group too as we traveled with a family twice. Olivia and Emelia are both from the same orphanage and when it was time to do paperwork again I strong-armed two other families into starting with us. We all got our LIDs together and our daughter's are from the same orphanage. The other family lives in TX so we don't get to see them but we sure miss them. So, when we adopted Sophia, Emelia's family adopted Londyn. Londyn and Sophia are tight. This year when we took pictures I took some of Sophia and Londyn. They are so adorable.


Hopefully I will catch up soon! Look for more B&W pictures on my friend Lisa's blog HERE.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sophia referral anniversary -- very late {B&W Wednesday}

Well, I am very late in posting this important milestone and quite frankly I almost forgot it. Had it not been for a fellow Lovebug mom posting on Facebook I would have -- so thanks Laura! September 1st marked the 5 anniversary of seeing our precious Sophia's face. That day was so special to us and my fellow Lovebugs -- our DTC group on Yahoo. We spent one night a week in a chat room getting to know each other and on referral day we spent the morning in there waiting to see who was going to get "THE CALL" first. We used the same agency for both girls and with Olivia our referral was 3 days after everyone else's. While I rejoiced with my fellow Firecrackers, my heart was hurting that we had not been notified. So for Sophia I was quite surprised that our agency was the first to report phone calls being made -- ours was technically second but we were the first to get the info as my travel mate Susan was away from her phone momentarily and had to call back. What a great time we had in chat that morning. We made the trip to the agency so we could see her picture. That evening we met the grandparents for dessert at Dairy Queen after Olivia's gymnastics so they could see their newest granddaughter but they didn't know that {rather they weren't supposed to know}. I found out very recently that my mom (Hi mom!) tricked a 2.5 year old into telling before the big reveal. Sophia fit right into our family. She is loving, caring, beautiful, smart {she recently had her best day of school ever! according to her}, sassy, quiet, introverted and strong-willed. I took a picture of her with her referral picture that I converted to black and white in honor of Black and White Wednesday.


To see more black and white photos, go visit my friend Lisa's blog. She is about ready to travel for her sweet Reagan.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bethlehem in Black and White

Now I know y'all are going to be shocked that I actually do have my second post in one week. Man, am I on a roll or what? Here are some of my favorite pics for the black and white portion of my workshop.

To see more black and white photos, go to my friend Lisa's blog.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Visions Workshop -- Bethlehem

So, the weekend before last I attended my good friend Lisa's photography workshop. Lisa is a wonderful teacher and I just hope I can make her proud. I have just gotten into editing my photos but I wanted to post a few now. I have one I have converted to black and white that I am saving for Wednesday. ;-) We had lots of great models that day: the beautiful Alicia, Lisa's handsome son Nick, Lisa's BFF Shelly and her gorgeous daughter Delaney, Heather brought her lovely daughters Emily and Hannah, and the biggest surprise the ever fabulous Dita brought her 2 kiddos WonderBoy and Sweetie Pie. The ladies in attendance were awesome! Diana and I flew into town and arrived within minutes of each other. We have a China connection as Sophia and Ruby Mei are from the same orphanage in China. That evening Janet met us for dinner. We had a great night talking and getting to know one another. Saturday morning, we met the last of our little group Bickies (incognito name on her blog) joined us for breakfast where we talked about our cameras and their settings. I know you all are just wanting the pictures so I will quit rambling and post a few. Hopefully I can get some more edited today and tomorrow so I can have another post on Wednesday -- shocking I know!
IMG_9196Alicia on fence Blog
IMG_9190Alicia and Nick Blog

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First day of school......(and B&W Wednesday)

Well, today is the first day of school for us. My baby is officially in school now. Sophia has a fabulous teacher Mrs. C. She had a pool party 2 weeks ago so the kids could meet her, her assistant Mrs. T and the students in the class. On open house Monday, Sophia went right in to the class and found her spot. She was a little shy but this momma was a tad worried. Yesterday we talked about the first day of school, went to the lake, and watched a movie before bed. While I was cooking supper, Mrs. C. called to talk to Sophia! She told her how much fun they were going to have and what they were going to do today. At open house, we got a folder labeled "Sophia's Homework Folder" but really it had homework for ME! LOL In the folder was a sealed envelope that said "Do not open until the first day of school". Inside there was a letter to Sophia and a poem for me.

Every one has a "first day"
when they feel sad and all alone,
it can be so scary
when you're out on your own.

And I know that a "first day"
can be full of doubts fears,
but they're full of new beginnings.
Take my hankie dry your tears.

You'll find lots of things to do
and you'll probably make new friends.
I promise we'll be together
when the school day ends.

Here comes the teacher
blow your nose and be brave.
Come on now and wipe your eyes,
this is no way to behave.

Well good morning teacher.
We really must beg your pardon.
No, MOMMY doesn't always act this way,
but it's my first day of....KINDERGARTEN!

Olivia is starting 2nd grade this year. She also has a teacher named Mrs. C. She seems really nice and I believe Olivia will do well in her class. Unfortunately, we are over cap size in several 2nd grade classes so they may need to add a teacher. I hope if they do Olivia will get to stay in Mrs. C's class. They have changed the discipline guide that they've had the last several years so I hope this works better for us.

Here are the pictures from today. I used my point and shoot instead of dragging my big camera in today. Sorry there are more pictures of Sophia than Olivia. And since it is Black and White Wednesday at my friend Lisa's blog here, I made one of the pics black and white.
first day of school B&W

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday {Robert}

Well last Friday my nephew and his girlfriend made me a great {ahem} fabulous aunt -- I say fabulous because I am too young and beautiful (ha!) to be a great aunt. Robert Michael (named for both his grandfathers -- yikes I can't believe my younger brother is a grandfather!) was born Friday morning and I have been itching to take his picture. Tonight fed the happy couple (burned my mashed potatoes again -- I was busy snapping away this time) and took some pictures. They just left to take their little one home and I had to edit a picture for black and white Wednesday. This is my first attempt with a baby so little and young. I can't wait to get into editing these photos. Here is a picture of Robert and his momma Monique.
Robert and Monique

For more black and white Wednesday pics hop over to my friend Lisa's blog!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sophia's turn......{B&W Wednesday}

Well, it has been 2 weeks since I last posted but we were on vacation last week. We went to Atlantic Beach, NC and had a great time! I of course decided it was a grand time to get sick (had to go get meds from a Dr there -- so not fun!) but we made do. My mom went with us and I think she enjoyed herself too. We went to the beach, swam in the pool and went on a boat ride to see the lighthouse on Cape Lookout. Sophia(well us too) loved it all. She is taking swim lessons this summer and is doing wonderfully. She is now swimming without floaties (yay!) and she's only had 2 lessons. She is also my girlie girl. I really try not to dress the girls alike as that just increases the "Are they twins?" question but when I bought a dress for Olivia and she begged me for one just like it I couldn't refuse -- it had the twirl factor, ya know. Here is a picture of my girl on the beach in her beloved dress:
Black and white

For more Black and White pictures, check out my girl Lisa's blog here.