Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on??? B&W Wednesday edition

Well, I have been really slacking on this blog lately. I can't believe it has been since September that I posted. WOW! We have had quite a busy time and it has finally slacked off a little although spring soccer is going to be starting up soon. So much has gone on, I don't know where to start or what to write about.... I guess I will go with our travel group!

We had a reunion of Olivia's travel group recently and we had a blast. We have always gotten together around February or March to celebrate the union of our family and this year was no different. It always starts with people arriving on Friday night where the girls go swimming. We closed the pool up Friday night. Saturday we would get their photos taken find a fun activity and then gather at our house in the evening for pizza and a birthday party for all the girls since they all have birthdays in January, February and March with the exception of Klaira who has an April birthday. This year was a little different in that they went swimming in the afternoon and then before the party got underway we walked down the street from me and I took their picture. They had fun and it has been amazing to see how they've each changed since 2005. They used to be shy and take a while to warm up to each other but not this time. It was fantastic!

One great thing about this reunion is that Sophia also gets to see someone in her travel group too as we traveled with a family twice. Olivia and Emelia are both from the same orphanage and when it was time to do paperwork again I strong-armed two other families into starting with us. We all got our LIDs together and our daughter's are from the same orphanage. The other family lives in TX so we don't get to see them but we sure miss them. So, when we adopted Sophia, Emelia's family adopted Londyn. Londyn and Sophia are tight. This year when we took pictures I took some of Sophia and Londyn. They are so adorable.


Hopefully I will catch up soon! Look for more B&W pictures on my friend Lisa's blog HERE.
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  1. Great photos! My daughter always looks forward to getting together with her "China Friends". Love the slipper photo :)

  2. Welcome back my long lost blogging friend!! Love these pics, the girls are getting so big! Glad y'all had a great reunion weekend. I want to see some serious posts going up here soon, you've got some catching up to do! :)

  3. That's so great that you have the close connection with your travel group, Becky!
    We are fortunate in that we do too.
    Love your pics very much. I'm sure the other families did too!!!


    These shots are seriously cute!! Love all the slippers and bright colors.....and that black and white is PERFECTION!!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend~



  5. Glad to see an update!! Precious photo of the girls...and the slippers.

  6. Love all of these pics! How fun to have reunions with your travel group. It looks like the girls all had a great time together. :)


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