Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sophia referral anniversary -- very late {B&W Wednesday}

Well, I am very late in posting this important milestone and quite frankly I almost forgot it. Had it not been for a fellow Lovebug mom posting on Facebook I would have -- so thanks Laura! September 1st marked the 5 anniversary of seeing our precious Sophia's face. That day was so special to us and my fellow Lovebugs -- our DTC group on Yahoo. We spent one night a week in a chat room getting to know each other and on referral day we spent the morning in there waiting to see who was going to get "THE CALL" first. We used the same agency for both girls and with Olivia our referral was 3 days after everyone else's. While I rejoiced with my fellow Firecrackers, my heart was hurting that we had not been notified. So for Sophia I was quite surprised that our agency was the first to report phone calls being made -- ours was technically second but we were the first to get the info as my travel mate Susan was away from her phone momentarily and had to call back. What a great time we had in chat that morning. We made the trip to the agency so we could see her picture. That evening we met the grandparents for dessert at Dairy Queen after Olivia's gymnastics so they could see their newest granddaughter but they didn't know that {rather they weren't supposed to know}. I found out very recently that my mom (Hi mom!) tricked a 2.5 year old into telling before the big reveal. Sophia fit right into our family. She is loving, caring, beautiful, smart {she recently had her best day of school ever! according to her}, sassy, quiet, introverted and strong-willed. I took a picture of her with her referral picture that I converted to black and white in honor of Black and White Wednesday.


To see more black and white photos, go visit my friend Lisa's blog. She is about ready to travel for her sweet Reagan.
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  1. Happy 5 years together. I'll bet it flew by yet you can't imagine life before your Sophia.

    I love this shot of today and yesterday. I keep meaning to do the same type but haven't yet.

  2. Happy 5 years!!! What a beautiful shot of your Sophia holding a picture of herself.

    Love your description of her personality. And how she had 'the best school day ever!' Adorable.


  3. Awww, how sweet! It's amazing, I'm sure 5 years just flew by!

  4. Happy five years! What a sweet beautiful girl you have!
    Love the picture!

  5. Happy Five Years!!! What a special milestone to celebrate.... I bet it feels like it was just yesterday that you saw that precious face for the first time!

    Love this shot...... she is TOO CUTE and look how long her hair is getting!!

    Happy Monday~




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