Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sophia's new song

This past weekend Sophia decided to give us preview of a new song she's learning at school -- at least I think that's where she's learning it. It is sooooo cute. She does still have some work to do with regard to her speech but this is great!

Sigh.....Another Snow Day......

Today we had another snow day. Thankfully we weren't the only county this time but we still just had the less than an inch we had last week. We did not go out and play today as both girls are battling a small cold and I didn't want it to go into a full force cold. So instead of going outside we stayed in and baked a cake! They had fun and so I. The picture above is today's snow......

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Snow Day? For THIS????

This is how our road looked this morning and for this we had a snow day. I couldn't believe it when I saw that our county schools were closed -- and they were the only county around that was closed. Olivia enjoyed her day off from "school". Here are a few pics from the morning as the snow was gone when we got home from an errand we had to run.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Say it isn't so

Please tell me where my baby went to. Sophia has decided that she does not want to nap. This is her second day of not taking one and she has done really well. She has gone to bed earlier than her sister that has to have a nap -- everyday. What is it that makes babies not want or need a nap? Don't they know that it isn't just for them, it's for their mommies too? It is now 20 minutes after I put Sophia to bed and she has been asleep for 19 of those 20 minutes. Sniff, sniff my baby is growing up on me......

Monday, January 07, 2008

The new 'do

Well, I took Olivia and Sophia to get haircuts last week. Olivia's hair when it's long gets stringy and looks very unkempt. She looks better with shorter hair but Daddy doesn't quite like it short but since he doesn't fix their hair he has no say in what I have done with it. LOL Here is Olivia's new 'do.....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sophia and the dentist

****I know I am due more on Christmas and I will do that soon I promise but I had to write about this while it was still fresh on my mind.
Sophia is such a big girl! She had an appointment today to get a cavity filled. It was a small one and on the side. Our dentist has a rule (and please don't tell me how wrong it is) that you are allowed back with you child but if your child is 3 or over and they start crying and screaming, you (the parent) will be asked to leave so the can finish. David and I talked before Olivia had her 4 fillings done in Dec 2006 and we thought it would be better on everyone if she went back alone because we felt like she would do better if we went there than if we (or me) went back and then had to leave. Olivia (3.75 at the time) did amazing and was able to get all 4 done at the same time. Well, we decided that it would be better on Sophia if we did the same thing with her. I talked to her and told her what was going to happen and that she need to be a big girl and if there were no tears she would get a special treat. She was so good that the dentist was speechless when I went back. She said she was wonderful and that I was blessed to have such an amazing girl. I must confess that I agree with her! I should have taken a picture of her with her dentist. I am truly lucky that both my girls like the dentist because I HATED going as a kid.