Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sigh.....Another Snow Day......

Today we had another snow day. Thankfully we weren't the only county this time but we still just had the less than an inch we had last week. We did not go out and play today as both girls are battling a small cold and I didn't want it to go into a full force cold. So instead of going outside we stayed in and baked a cake! They had fun and so I. The picture above is today's snow......


  1. Yum... that's a good looking cake! You had a snow day for that little amount of snow? Wow! You must be in a southern state?

  2. YUM! Looks like fun! Send some of that snow our way, will ya? We keep getting cold weather, but none of that fun white stuff!

    Kisses to Sophia from Jack!! :)

    Hope the colds are better soon, he's still battling his too.

  3. What a perfect activity for a snow day! Looks like the girls were enjoying themselves.



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