Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Say it isn't so

Please tell me where my baby went to. Sophia has decided that she does not want to nap. This is her second day of not taking one and she has done really well. She has gone to bed earlier than her sister that has to have a nap -- everyday. What is it that makes babies not want or need a nap? Don't they know that it isn't just for them, it's for their mommies too? It is now 20 minutes after I put Sophia to bed and she has been asleep for 19 of those 20 minutes. Sniff, sniff my baby is growing up on me......


  1. Oh dear, nap times are definitely for the mommies too! Sorry to hear that Sophia doesn't understand that. LOL!


  2. I know what you mean about the naps. Ella hasn't taken a nap since she was about 2.5. Now just this week, Lily who is 2.5 hasn't taken a nap for 4 days now. I must confess, I did make her take a 30 min nap at 4pm while I held her the whole time, because mommy needed a little snooze. Put the child in the car anytime, and she's out like a light. I love my naps, and I wish my girls loved their naps as well.

    I added you to my blogroll, and you can add mine if you like.

  3. Cullen stopped napping at 18 months. Now that stunk! Kieren doesn't think she needs a nap either, but I still enforce it!!! She eventually falls asleep from exhaustion and boredom. I'm so mean!

  4. Our daughter will go a few days without napping - and do just fine, then about day 4 she will go back to them. She is funny, telling us she 'cannot make time for a rest'.
    I agree though - children napping are good for parents too!

  5. yup....we've been seeing "hit or miss" naps. the upside is that she goes to bed earlier and is asleep right away. the bad thing is no personal time for mommy!!! Sigh.

  6. Ugh, it is sad, isn't it? I sure miss 'em around here too!


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