Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday {Robert}

Well last Friday my nephew and his girlfriend made me a great {ahem} fabulous aunt -- I say fabulous because I am too young and beautiful (ha!) to be a great aunt. Robert Michael (named for both his grandfathers -- yikes I can't believe my younger brother is a grandfather!) was born Friday morning and I have been itching to take his picture. Tonight fed the happy couple (burned my mashed potatoes again -- I was busy snapping away this time) and took some pictures. They just left to take their little one home and I had to edit a picture for black and white Wednesday. This is my first attempt with a baby so little and young. I can't wait to get into editing these photos. Here is a picture of Robert and his momma Monique.
Robert and Monique

For more black and white Wednesday pics hop over to my friend Lisa's blog!


  1. This is such a tender moment!! Great shot Becky......what a little sweetie. I know you are so proud to be a "Great Aunt".......everything about you is GREAT:)

    Have a wonderful weekend....enjoy the concert!!! We will be thinking of you.



  2. This is just so precious!! What a great moment to capture!

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  4. What a sweet shot!
    Congratulations Auntie!

  5. Just adorable! Congrats to the happy parents! And a great aunt, huh? It's absolutely because you truly are GREAT.


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