Monday, September 20, 2010

A Visions Workshop -- Bethlehem

So, the weekend before last I attended my good friend Lisa's photography workshop. Lisa is a wonderful teacher and I just hope I can make her proud. I have just gotten into editing my photos but I wanted to post a few now. I have one I have converted to black and white that I am saving for Wednesday. ;-) We had lots of great models that day: the beautiful Alicia, Lisa's handsome son Nick, Lisa's BFF Shelly and her gorgeous daughter Delaney, Heather brought her lovely daughters Emily and Hannah, and the biggest surprise the ever fabulous Dita brought her 2 kiddos WonderBoy and Sweetie Pie. The ladies in attendance were awesome! Diana and I flew into town and arrived within minutes of each other. We have a China connection as Sophia and Ruby Mei are from the same orphanage in China. That evening Janet met us for dinner. We had a great night talking and getting to know one another. Saturday morning, we met the last of our little group Bickies (incognito name on her blog) joined us for breakfast where we talked about our cameras and their settings. I know you all are just wanting the pictures so I will quit rambling and post a few. Hopefully I can get some more edited today and tomorrow so I can have another post on Wednesday -- shocking I know!
IMG_9196Alicia on fence Blog
IMG_9190Alicia and Nick Blog


  1. What gorgeous pictures!!! I bet you had tons of fun and learned lots! Lisa's a fabulous teacher!

  2. OMG Becky..... you totally made me proud!!! You did an awesome job my friend:) Can't wait to see the black and white you have for Wednesday.

    It was an all around great weekend.... I am so happy that you learned lots, but mostly that we got to hang out and spend a fun weekend together!

    Hope you are all healthy and your week is off to a GREAT start~



  3. Great shots girl!! Can't wait to see what you post for Wednesday too!!!

    So sorry I missed you, hope we can all get together sometime after China!

  4. Awesome shots Becky! It was great to meet you, can't wait to see more of your work!

  5. These are fabulous Becky!!! I'm sure you learned a lot and had a great time getting away. If Lisa starts doing workshops again in the Spring, I'll try and be there.

    Looking forward to seeing your black and white tomorrow!

    :) Gail


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