Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Sophia!

Today my baby turned 4! Sophia is a spunky little girl that can have an attitude at times. She is also so loving and caring. She's had a few sleep issues but we think they are resolved. This weekend she got some scissors and cut her hair -- I will do another post about that! Anyway, Happy birthday baby girl! We love you!! BTW -- yes she had a cupcake for breakfast! Daddy works more of a 2nd shift so we didn't want him to miss out on the cake/candle thing!


  1. Happy 4th Birthday Sophia!!

    Hope all your birthday wishes come true!!

    Have a fun filled day!!


  2. Wow... I just can't believe little Sophia is already FOUR! Ack!!! Our girls need to slow down on this growing up thing!

    Happy Happy Birthday, Sophia! I hope you have a fantastic day!

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Sophia!! You have a cool mom that lets you have cupcakes for breakfast!! YUMMO!

    Can't wait to hear the haircut story, I'm all too familiar with that one. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Sophia!! Hope you had a wonderful day. :-)

    I won't tell my girls about cupcakes for breakfast or they might want that tomorrow. Hee hee!

    Sorry about the haircut issue. Been there twice. Now all the scissors are hidded----as well as permanent markers, pencils, crayone, markers....well, you get the idea!


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