Thursday, December 11, 2008

The hair story

Well, as I said a couple of posts ago I went to Gatlinburg for a long weekend. A fun time was had by all. My SIL got a nice pair of houseshoes made out for Kotex with Santas on them!
Now for the hair.....Olivia has just recently been allowed access to her scissors any time she wanted them. Apparently they were absconded by a certain little (now 4!) girl. On Sunday we went to the grocery when I got home, came back gave the girls a bath, got them ready for bed and said the prayer in Sophia's room as is our routine. When I combed her hair after her bath I thought something was different about her hair but just assumed that either she had a lot of new growth or her hair was breaking because of the pony that goes in the top of her hair. Well, I was in Olivia's room having some time with her before bed and David yells for me to come into Sophia's room. Between her chest and bed were the missing scissors and a lot of hair. David was hoping the hair was from a doll but I knew the truth -- Sophia had cut her hair. She cut it right from the front. You really can't tell too much but because I know I can tell.


  1. Can't tell what is funnier...the Kotex shoes, or finding the missing hair!
    I swear you still have two of the cutest girls!!!

  2. The kotex slippers are a scream...LOL!!

    Her poor is bound to happen...we had an incident when Nick was little....I am sure it was not too didn't look like too much hair!!


  3. Oh no!!!!!

    That's funny, I know it's not for you - but it's still funny!

  4. Sounds like a spunky girl!
    My Whitney, who is now 20, came home from school one day with holes in her shirt and chopped up shoestrings. In first grade, she heard her teacher said, "You can cut anything you want." Needless to say the teacher meant...anything out of paper.

  5. My Jiangxi girl did this, too. At 2 1/2, she cut NINE inches from her hair and that was after cutting a couple of inches off the week before (and we had hidden the scissors). Oh, well, good thing it grows!

    Your girls are beautiful!


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