Friday, March 07, 2008


I can't believe that my baby is 5 today. She is such a joy. She is however getting a little attitude on her. Ugh! I thought I had a few more years before that happened. Some things about Olivia:
  • She's smart
  • She's sassy
  • She loves her parents (and we love her too!) and is becoming a great big sister (of course they still have their moments as all siblings do
  • She fiercely loves her friends and extended family
  • She loves school, gymnastics and Chinese class
  • She's ready to start Kindergarten (although Mommy's not to sure about sending her LOL)
  • She still takes a nap
  • She is still a tiny peanut -- 30 pounds and 39.25 inches tall

We had her party last weekend which turned out to be a good thing as we are getting covered with snow today and tomorrow -- about 8 - 10 inches. We had a birthday cupcake before Daddy had to go to work this morning.


  1. Happy Birthday Olivia! I hope you have an extra special day : )

    You're a cutie!

  2. Happy Birthday Olivia!! You look so cute today!!! I hope you had a great day!

  3. Beck, I can't believe Olivia is 5!!! She's so grown up! EEK!


  4. Happy Birthday, Olivia!!!

    Sam, Andy, Cullen & Kieren

  5. Happy Birthday Olivia!!! Can't believe she still takes a nap at 5! My Sophia is done with them, and I wish she wasn't! Beautiful girl she is!

  6. Well, happy birthday to Olivia! She's so bright eyed and pretty. Wow, five years old!

  7. Happy 5th Birthday!!! Looks like you had a super time celebrating by going bowling. The cake is gorgeous! Enjoy your new presents - that camera is 2 cute!

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We love you!


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