Monday, November 13, 2006

Something about my hubby and Sophia

My husband plays all instruments. He has for a long time. He used to play with his grandfather as a boy and as an adult. They would play some nights for hours. Sadly, his grandfather passed away a few years ago and my hubby played the fiddle at his funeral. David would go to his grandmother's and play for her after Mr. Jack's passing. She loved hearing David play and it was her wish that after she passed away she wanted some of her estate to pay to get David a piano. Sadly she passed away last year just before we got our referral for Sophia. David chose a keyboard vs a piano because he wanted to be able to take the keyboard places. In keeping with the tradition of playing at the grandparents (okay not his grandparents but his daughters' grandparents), David's parents made arrangements for several people to come to their house last Saturday to play music. David took his keyboard, fiddle and guitars. There was also drums and other guitars there too. Sophia LOVES music and she had a blast. She loved the drums the most. Here are a few pics of her playing the drums and hubby on the keyboard:

David playing his keyboard

He loves music!

Sophia and the drummer.

Drumming away!

I think we may see some drums in her future - far, far into the future!

Not to be outdone by her little sister, Olivia had to have a turn!

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