Friday, September 01, 2006

One year ago today......

.......we found out about our youngest daughter. I was at home with the laptop on chatting with some friends and at 10:35 am I got a call from our family coordinator, Ebbie. As I was talking to him I posted to my Feb DTC group that I was on the call hoping to be first but one of my travel mates actually had the honors. He said I am looking at the pictures of your daughter. He said her name is Yue Yu Xi and she was from the Yugan SWI in the Jiangxi Province - the same as Olivia. He said her birthday was 12-11-04 and that he was waiting on the translation to tell me the other things. I asked about our other friends babies and how many referrals our agency got - we were DTC and LID at the same time with 2 other families we traveled with the last time. He said there were 4 babies from Yugan and one from Fuzhou also in the Jiangxi Province. I called my (then) best friend to tell her to come to the house so we could drive to Lexington but did not tell her anything about Sophia. I then called my hubby and told him about our new daughter. While I waited for my friend to get to my house, I called my dear friend Susan and she e-mailed me the pics of her daughter Lainey. I was so blessed to be able to share this day with her as well as the call that came nearly 2 years before. Once I got to the agency, I found out that Sophia was in foster care. She weighed 14 lbs and was 29 inches tall. She had hair! It was amazing to be staring at her pictures. After we left our agency, we went to our dear friend Teri's house. She was so excited that I was able to share with her our happy news. We then went and made copies of the pictures. Olivia had gymnastics so thankfully Daddy was able to meet us there so he could finally see the pictures. My mom was at gymnastics but I refrained from telling her anything until I could tell her and dh's parents together. They met us at Dairy Queen where they found out about their newest granddaughter together. We had an enjoyable day and it is one I will never forget.

Olivia and my first look at Sophia

Don't we look proud!

Sophia holding her referral picture one year later - My has she changed!

Look at that cute little smirk.......

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  1. I love the photo of you and Olivia seeing the picture for the first time! I also love your referral and now photos. I added ours to my blog just now..Annslee was not thrilled with having to do it but she finally gave in ; ) So happy we were able to go on this journey together as Lovebugs!

  2. She has changed, but she is still a cutie. I remember that day so well. I was a Feb.28 lovebug. I was glad I had to wait, because I received a great gift a month later.

  3. I was soooo thrilled for you that day!!!! Can you believe it's been a year?!


  4. Hard to believe it's been a year already. I just love these stories! Sophia looks darling holding her referral picture!

  5. What a great story about referral day! The photos are really cute. Sophia really does have a certain look of "mischief" in her photos!


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