Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. We started our day by going to the in-laws house for breakfast and gifts. Both girls got clothes and money. After we opened gifts, we went to church as a family. It was a great service. For some reason, this is the only photo I have of that morning. We had to wake her up and she is so not a morning person plus she went to bed a little later than normal as we had company the night before. Also, no this is not what she wore to church - I just didn't want her to get anything on her Christmas dress.

After church we came home, had lunch and waited for my family to get here. We had a great time as my niece (whom we only get for Christmas every other year) was here and she is such a character. Olivia got her beloved guitar and Sophia got drums among other things. They are spoiled but so loved by all that meets them.

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