Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wow! What a big girl I have!

When I took Olivia to the dentist in October it was determined that she had 4 cavities. Huh? 4 cavities in 6 months?!?!?! Unbelievable! I mean I brush her teeth and they were on the bottom no less - the area I work the hardest on! Well before leaving the office I made the appointments to get the cavities filled - one appointment today and one for next Tuesday. Dr. Yang told me that she would fill 2 today but if she was doing well and she could do the other 2 she would. She also told me that I was welcome to come back with Olivia but if she started crying and screaming I would be asked to leave. I debated for the last month and a half on how to handle this. I ultimately decided that it would probably be easiest if I told Olivia she had to go back by herself thinking that if I were back there and then had to leave it would upset her more. So we talked about it all weekend. She understood that she would have to go back and be a good girl for the dentist. We walked in and were there all of about 20 seconds and a kid in the waiting room hauled off and hit her in the face putting a long scratch on her cheek that bled. We got that taken care of and waited for them to call her name. When they did, David and I gave her a kiss and told her we'd be waiting for her and to be a big girl. She went in (never hesitating) and climbed in the chair. The dentist said she was a very polite, big girl. She said she did great - she was able to fill all 4 today so we don't have to go back next week! She wants Olivia to be her daughter-in-law someday. LOL She was very impressed that she could count to 10 in Chinese and sang her a short Chinese song. Dr. Yang loved it! We took her to the bookstore for a few special treats and out to lunch - just me, her and daddy. (Grandma kept Sophia for us so we could have some special time with Olivia - even if it was going to the dentist!)

Then tonight the girls' school had their Christmas program. She was so good. Her class sang "What a Mighty Day" and "Go Tell It On the Mountain". She sang out and was gettin' down! The class had on black shirts that made them look like they had choir robes on. They looked so cute. Sophia's class did "Away In The Manger". She was an angel. Of course they didn't sing - just stood on the stage around the manger. She was a riot.

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  1. YAY Olivia..what a big girl!!! Wish I could have seen the program.


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