Saturday, February 03, 2007

Celebrating our 3rd Family Day with Olivia

February 3, 2004 was one of the happiest days in our lives. We were given final approval to adopt Olivia. It was a day filled with joy for not only us but our travel group - 14 babies all from the same orphanage. We were scheduled to get them on the morning of February 3rd but as with most agencies warn plans can (and sometimes do) change. We toured the Jade market, had lunch at the Friendship Store and then toured The Great Wall that morning. It was so cold on the Wall that we took a few pictures and climbed back down. After we left The Great Wall, we went to the airport. Once we separated from some of our group (they were all SN adoptions and went to other Provinces), our wonderful guide Peter said he had some news and he could be bribed for some ice cream. (Fortunately, there was a Haagendas stand near by) I looked at him and said "We're getting our babies tonight, aren't we?". He looked at me and said yes! Of course, I was excited and nervous and had never wanted to get on a plane so bad. So at 9:30 pm we were handed our children and from that moment she has been everything we could have asked for and more.


  1. Happy family day!!! Olivia is a lucky little girl!

  2. She is just as beautiful as ever. What a great day all our family days are!

  3. Happy Family-versary!!!! Olivia is as amazing as her Mommy & Daddy!!! Hope to see you on March 30th!


  4. Happy 3rd Family Day Proctor family! Isn't it amazing how the tiny details are etched in your mind forever?! Hope you had a fun time celebrating with your sweet girl!!


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