Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Speech Therapy and Gymnastics

Well, first let's talk about speech therapy. Sophia has done amazing with speech therapy - so much so that she has tested out of the First Steps program! Her therapist is just amazed by her progress. She has one more lesson in this plan and we are finished. I don't know what she is going to do when Miss Dana no longer comes to the house.

Sophia has started gymnastics and absolutely loves it! She loves to play and it gives her some mommy time since it is a parent/tot class until she turns 3. Olivia continues with gymnastics and still loves it. She was asked last spring to join a developmental team that prepares kids for competitions. We decided not to start with the summer session but did start this August. She loves this and is continuing to improve. She was in a parade last Saturday - unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Ugh! Her first parade and I missed it! Here are a few pictures of Sophia doing gymnastics.

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  1. Fun gym pictures!

    YAY Sophia on graduating from speech! (You know I am envious, but maybe someday Linlee will feel like talking...)


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