Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Program

The girls had their school Christmas program the other day and did so well. Sophia's class did Jingle Bells and Mary Had a Baby. Olivia's class did Angels We Have Heard On High (my favorite and she was an angel) and Happy Birthday Jesus. I have video from my camera of Olivia's last song. Here are a few pics...


  1. HOW ADORABLE! Wow, they both look so grown up in those pics. Jack and Jaden enjoyed the song. Of course, now Jaden wants to know when she can "make a video on the computer".

  2. Awe, so precious. And how fun for you! Did you tear up at all? As a teacher, I used to cry at all the concerts. Singing children are just too darn cute!

  3. Your girls are LOVELY! The video clip is too precious, as are the photos.


  4. Oh my Gosh Becky ! That video is priceless. Olivia is so spunky performing, she really did shine on the stage. Sophia and her looked so beautiful.

  5. How sweet! Sounds (+ looks)like they both really enjoyed being in the show!

    The Christmas card pics are terrific! Both girls are so sweet and have gorgeous smiles!!

  6. Oh they are just BEAUTIFUL! I love your photos!
    : )


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