Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another snow day.....

I know this is going to surprise you but we have yet another snow day today. Why does this have to happen on Tuesday night to where school is out on Wednesday when I am supposed to scrapbook with my friend T? Ugh! Seriously though it seems like every Tuesday night since January 29th there has been a storm of some sort making last night no exception! I am getting tired of driving home from Chinese class in either rain or snow! I am still working on Olivia's 2005 book and was hoping to be at a point where I can work on both girls together. One day I will be caught up but I think I am going to do 2008 digi style!


  1. Cute pics! Sorry about the snow and missing your scrapping date. :(

  2. We got 8 inches of snow, and the kids still went to school (2 hour delay). We've had 8 snow days this far, and enough is enough!

    Sorry to hear it spoiled your scrapping plans!

  3. Tell me about it! I'm getting sick of this! I can't remember the last time Cullen went to school for a whole week!!!

  4. We had the storm this week as well - only a 2 hour delay though. Now more is coming tonight and tomorrow. So tired of it!

    Hope you get back to your scrap booking soon.



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