Sunday, February 03, 2008

Has it really been 4 years already???**PHOTOS ADDED**

Has it really been 4 years since we went to China for the first time and became parents? I remember that night vividly. We spent the day in Beijing. We went to the Jade factory (where one of our travel mates got sick), the friendship store for shopping and lunch and lastly, The Great Wall before going to the airport to catch our flight to Nanchang. After we got to our gate, our guide Peter said I have some news for you and I could be bribed to share it for ice cream. I looked at him and said we're getting our babies tonight, aren't we? He looked at me and said how did you know? I had heard of stories where that had happened but I never imagined it would happen to us. We landed in Nanchang about 8:30 pm, got our luggage and got on the bus. On the bus ride to the hotel, our awesome guide Sissi gave us some information about our babies, pictures that were taken the previous week, information about Suichuan County and our hotel room keys. We arrived at the hotel about 9:00 got up to our room about 10 after and we were told to meet them at room 1115 at 9:30. I was so nervous. I wondered what she looked like, if she would cry, if I would recognize her. Unfortunately, our camera was not on the right setting and most of my China pictures were not the greatest and I only have one picture of her from that night where she finally fell asleep in my arms. She loved to put my shirt to her lips and suck her tongue until she fell asleep. She was so tiny that I called her peanut. She is still tiny but not the smallest out of our group of 14. We have a reunion every year around Family Day and this year will be no exception. We will meet some of our group in Lexington the coming weekend for our annual professional photo shoot and birthday party.

Although Olivia's "git 'cha" day (what Olivia calls it in her best southern accent) was yesterday (Feb 2nd), we celebrate today as our Family Day as it was the finalization of her adoption. Today she got to do what she wanted to do. After church, we came home and ate lunch, went to Chuck E Cheese's, ate supper and then went for an ice cream. She had a blast and so did we.

I will have to come back and add photos because Blogger is being mean right now........


  1. Yay! Happy Family Day Olivia!!! :) We can't believe it's been 4 years either. Glad you had a fun day and we'll look forward to seeing pics soon!

  2. Congratulations on 4 years! The time just flies! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. Oh my goodness, I forgot how tiny she was!! Love the blue ice cream pic. :) Soon we'll be posting pics of our tiny ones going off to kindergarten, sniff, sniff...

  4. Happy Family Day! She is just as precious now as she was then. You know how much we love her ans look forward to being her in laws! :o) I cannot believe how tiny she was - what a sweet picture of mommy and baby!!


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