Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick girls and another snow day

Well, we had another snow day today which is probably a good thing as both girls were sick. As I said in my previous post, both girls were getting over illnesses. Olivia has been fighting a fever since early Saturday morning (with a high temp of 105.8) but tested negative for strep on Sunday. The doctor said it was a virus and to just keep giving her tylenol and such to treat the fever. Well she woke up about 4:45 this morning with yet another fever (103.8) so I gave her more tylenol. Sophia woke up about 5:30 with a fever of 103.2 so she got a dose of medicine. I put her back in bed and after about 30 minutes she told me her ears hurt. So at that point I decided to take both girls to the doctor this morning. Unfortunately, it (plus the fact that school was closed again) totally messed up my plans for the day as we (my girlfriend and I) were supposed to do some shopping for supplies for our FCC Chinese New Year celebration on Saturday. She and her wonderful husband did some of the shopping today and I hope to finish up the rest tomorrow. It was determined that Olivia had an ear infection in both ears and Sophia just had an infection in her right ear. The Dr. was surprised that Olivia did not complain about her ears hurting. They both seem to be doing much better with the antibiotic in their system. Hopefully they will feel well enough to go to school tomorrow.
Here are a few pictures with my new camera. I just love it!!


  1. Sorry they are feeling so sick...they are beautiful though! Love the one of Olivia with the pencil : )

    Feel better and have a fun party!

  2. Awwwww, I hope they both get to feeling better today. LOVE the pictures!! So beautiful!!

    Talk to you tonight!

  3. The girls are just beautiful. The 2nd one of Olivia is just stunning! I am so glad that you found the reason behind their fever. I hope they are feeling better soon!

  4. Hope your babies are better today and could get some sweet treats. Love the pics your new camera takes...I need one, too! Hugs, Graycen's mama

  5. Tag!! You've been meme'd, pop over to my blog for the details!


  6. Sorry to hear they are sick, but it does look like Olivia perked up w/ the meds!! Hope they were able to just veg and watch tv...nothing like being a couch potato when you are under the weather. Hope you have a great CNY celebration!
    Xin Nian Kuai Le!!

  7. What new camera did you buy? Your pictures look SUPER!

    Sorry your babies have been sick. Hope they are well again soon...

  8. Beautiful pictures even though they aren't feeling good! Hope everyone feels better soon!


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