Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day.....

Happy Father's day to my wonderful husband. We spent the day at my in-laws for lunch and then we came home and went swimming. The girls were up very late last night as Derek and Adam came over. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the swimming. I normally don't dress the girls alike but today Olivia actually wanted to be dressed like twins. Sigh.......


  1. The girls look so cute in the matching dresses!

    Hope you all had a great father's day weekend!


  2. I love those dresses! They both look so cute in them... Hope it was a fun Father's Day!

  3. Absolutely adorable dresses on adorable girls!

  4. Those dresses rock, what pretty girls!! Hope Daddy had a great day!

    LOL@ the twin thing!


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