Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, the stomach bug hit our house over the weekend and thankfully it was just me that was on the receiving end. David is feeling it a little on one end but went to work any way. What a trooper! We went out to dinner Saturday night and bam! it hit me. I spent most of Saturday night in the bathroom. Yesterday I felt a ton better but not enough to brave eating. I was so thristy Saturday night/Sunday morning but was scared to drink anything for fear that it would be coming back up soon. I am so praying that the girls do not get it. My brother's family all got it but I am hoping it started and stopped with me!


  1. Oh NO!!! I'm sorry my friend, I hope you're feeling better today and that it leaves the house without getting the girls!

  2. I'm so sorry you were sick! I agree that I hope it is about over for you and doesn't spread to the girls. Greg became horribly ill Saturday night...all night long, too... BAD stomach virus. He is finally feeling a bit better today. I'm SO hoping that Rachel and I escape it.

  3. You guys are really having a run of it!!

    Hope you are all better soon:)


  4. Oh no! Hope you are feeling better now and it gets no one else! Jennifer


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