Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can't believe it has been 5 years....

I can't believe it has been 5 years since our lovely Olivia joined our family. Technically it was 5 years ago yesterday that we actually got her but since we got our babies at 9:30 pm and had to do the adoption part the next morning our family celebrates the adoption day as Family Day. Today she went to school after being out ALL week plus Monday of this week due to the snow and ice. After school, we took her (and Sophia of course) to Build A Bear. She picked a pink bear with hearts on it. For dinner, she chose to go to Olive Garden and for dessert we had ice cream. Yes it is freezing outside (-5 with the wind chill) and snowing again but I sucked it up and we had ice cream. Olivia was such a peanut then and she still is. I can remember calling her peanut so much in China that I had to stop for fear that she would think that was her name. LOL I don't know how she stays so little because the girl can eat. A friend says that Olivia is on the Adkins diet as most of what she eats is meats!

She is such a joy (most days) and smart. She loves gymnastics, school and her family. She is reading now and learning math and money in school. Funny tidbit about money - she can tell you the person on each dollar bill that is currently in circulation. It all started just after we got home with Sophia so she was not quite 3 yet and we went to the store with my mom. She was with my mom and wanted to hold the money while mom checked out using the self checkers. Well, ever the inquisitive child, she asked who that was on the bill so mom told her it was Andrew Jackson and that he was on the $20 bill. Many months after that if she saw a $20 bill she would pipe up and say Andrew Jackson. So we have since taught her all the people on the bills. She loves that she can identify money in this way.
***Yes I have photos from today but it is late and I have to download them still. I did get a chance to get out of Auto on the camera and I hope the pics turn out as good as I think they did!


  1. Happy Family Day! What a smart girl... and she was such a tiny, cute little baby, too! Hope you all had a great time celebrating today.

  2. Happy Family Day, Olivia!!! What an adorable picture of her sleeping, I forget how bald our little peanuts were!

    Sounds like a fun celebration today. See you in 17 days!

  3. Happy Family Day!!! I never tire of hearing these stories. Our fourth anniversary is coming up later this month. I still can't believe it.

    And... did you stay at the Gloria? Cuz it sure looks like it from those pictures.

  4. Happy Family Day!! She is so precious.....and looks so tiny. It is amazing how fast they grow and change. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!


  5. Happy family day! What a precious daughter...

  6. Happy, Happy Gotcha Day! Our Gotcha Day for Josie-Tatum is tomorrow.

  7. Happy 5 Year anniversary with your family Olivia!!!


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