Sunday, May 24, 2009

So excited!!!

The wonderful Pixel Fairy Princess had a lot of giveaways this week and it was so much fun to participate. I was awarded (as were many others) one of her Lightroom presets called The Dude. On Thursday, she had a photo challenge with a the prize being a free workshop. Part of the challenge was that we had to use one of her presets and I used The Dude -- I have others but used that one as I hadn't used it before. Other people voted on the pictures and you couldn't vote for yourself, Debbie or Launna. Well I found out this morning that I tied with another lady and Debbie awarded BOTH of us a workshop. I am so excited and can't wait to take it. I am already registered for the KY workshop and I think now I am going to be in Chicago in August for the one I won -- Happy Birthday to me! I checked out the flight info and think we will be able to swing it -- arriving about 11:30 on Friday and leaving about 6:00 on Sunday. I will be able to meet some fellow bloggers and one fellow Lovebug Colleen! Now for the photo I submitted:
Olivia using PFP The Dude


  1. Congrats to you on winning a workshop! It was well deserved. That photo is stunning. I'll be at the Chicago workshop too, so we'll get to meet!

    :) Gail

  2. Great photo and congrats on winning. That's awesome!!

  3. Congratulations girl!! What a great thing to win:) You must be over the moon excited!!

    Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  4. Congratulations! Wow - what a great prize to win and I just know you'll have an amazing time! Can't wait to see the photos...!

  5. Wow -- great photo! How exciting for you to go to Chicago for the workshop!



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