Monday, January 11, 2010

My pretty Sophia

Sophia turned 5 a month ago and she seems to have just grown up on me overnight. She is a sweet, stubborn, beautiful little girl. She is such a girly girl too. She is ready to start kindergarten but mommy -- not so much. She likes to lay in bed and "practice my reading" as she says but can't read anything yet. I am tempted to start teaching her but am afraid of teaching her before she's ready. I hope she loves to read as much as Olivia and I do.


  1. Wow. 5. Where does it go, my friend? Love this pic of Miss Sophia and that outfit totally rocks!

  2. Happy Belated Bday to Miss Sophia!! She looks adorable in her pretty purple and green dress!! I don't even want to think about Kindergarten.... it will be here before I know it!! Enjoy your week!! Miss ya:)



  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet Sophia! yes, it goes by so fast. Will just turned 4 and I can't believe he's been with us 18mos. Enjoy every moment with your beautiful her pretty outfit!


  4. Happy Birthday sure does fly by that is for sure and the school year is already almost done it seems and we are off to another class in school...funny how fast time flies when you have kids!! Love the picture!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sophia!~

    What a great photo....and a million dollar smile!

    I'll be she brings sunshine to even the cloudiest day.


  6. Happy belated birthday to sweet Sophia! This is my FAVORITE age. (I used to teach this age.) If you want to get her started on the road to reading, but aren't sure if you should begin or not, I would suggest playing some word games with her... play the rhyming game, where you say a word and then you both think of as many words that rhyme with it as you can. You could also play the compound word game, where you say a compound word (like "snowball") and she has to figure out what two words make it up. These are fun ready-to-read games that are low pressure. Another good thing to do is throw in words here and there with enunciation on a particular letter, like "t-t-t-talk." And then just wait... your little one will probably yell out, "Mom! T!" That's another great one to play. (Sorry for the unsolicited advice - can you tell I MISS teaching?)


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