Wednesday, February 03, 2010

B&W Wednesday and 6 yrs ago

Well it is Black & White Wednesday again. I am still learning how to convert but am having fun doing so especially going back through my lightroom and picking out photos I haven't processed before. This is from this past summer. I took the girls for a photoshoot in their pettiskirts. I wish I knew how to add just a little of the pink that was in Olivia's clothes for this shot.

Now for the 6 yrs ago part -- 6 yrs ago yesterday Olivia was placed in my arms. We got to our hotel about 9 pm and we were handed our babies at 9:30. We had only found out about 4 hours (at the airport waiting for flight to Nanchang) before that we were going to be getting them that night instead of in the morning like the original plan. There were 14 sets of anxious and nervous parents. We have a reunion with our travel group every year (usually February or March) and I can't wait to see our group this year. We celebrated her family day on Sunday by going bowling, the bookstore, dinner of her choice and the ice cream parlor for dessert. I can't imagine our lives without this amazing girl!


  1. Happy Family Day to sweet Miss O!!! That ice cream looks yummy!!!!!!

  2. Happy Family Day!! What a blessing she is...... looking forward to see y'all in April!!

    I love the black and white is so pretty. If you want help added a touch of color, let me know, I can walk you through it:)

    Have a Happy Wednesday my friend!



  3. Happy Family Day! Six years. Bet they flew by?

    Great blk&wh. I like the angle and the lines.

  4. First of all, she is like the most adorable thing on the planet. Oh. My. Heart. Precious! I am so glad you had that special day 6 years ago. How very, very special!

    I don't know much about lightroom but I am sure that you can do color selection with that program. I think that looks nice sometimes also! : )

  5. Happy 6 years together with your sweet O! the time flies by doesn't it. G has been with us 6.5 years, I'm a softy for Jiangxi girls.

    Very pretty black and white!

  6. Happy Family Day Becky. These images are awesome!!

  7. Happy Forever family day!
    Your daughter is just beautiful and the picture looks fabulous!

  8. This is my first time visiting your blog...found you through B&W Wednesday. Your blog header is gorgeous! Seriously, love the photo and design. And your black & white...lovely! Great job. The angle this photo was taken at adds so much!

  9. Great angle! The floor and wall makes a terrific texture against her adorable outfit!


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