Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A huge THANK YOU to....

.....my good friend and DTC buddy for both adoptions, Marla! I got an envelope addressed to The Proctor Cuties the other day with her return address. Wondering what could be inside I riped it open on the way back from the mail box. Inside was a little note and barrettes for both girls with their names on them. This is not the first time we've gotten a little unexpected gift from Marla. I have been wanting to send something for some time to her brood and I have just the thing for her girls but I need to think of something for her boys to send. So, thank you my friend. I look forward to watching your children grow up even from here in Kentucky. I Love Ya, girl!!!!! I will post some pics tonight.


  1. Hehe, you're welcome! I just couldn't help myself! :)

  2. OK..enough is enough..tell me how to get back in CHAT. I miss you guys!


Our friends say the sweetest things!