Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Speech and hearing update

Hearing - Today I took Sophia for a hearing test. Yes, I know she had one in China (LOL) but with her speech delays they wanted to check and make sure she is hearing okay. She passed with flying colors. So I asked the doctor when I clap my hands behind her head and she does nothing that means she is just ignoring me, right? And his answer was YES! Oh boy am I in for it.

Speech - We met with Sophia's therapist last week and we discussed our plan for getting her to talk and her therapy sessions. We are going to start therapy on October 3rd and continue with it once a week until our (the therapist and our) goals for Sophia are met. The first 3 weeks are going to be hard because Olivia is taking Chinese class and they start at 6:30 with therapy being over at 5:00.

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