Friday, March 09, 2007

Olivia turns 4

We had a great weekend (the last one) and a big one planned for this weekend. We had Olivia's travel group (the ones that could attend) in town and had our annual photo shoot. All the girls are turning 4 and what a difference a year makes. This is the 3rd time we've had photos taken and I treasure every one of them. (I would post them but since I am unsure how some of the parents would feel about that I can't.) We went to have the photos taken on Saturday, played at an indoor playground, went swimming, then had a birthday party at our house that evening. We went back to the hotel and my girls and another couples (they were in both our travel groups) girls played in the hall until a little after midnight. Sunday, we swam for a while and sadly said goodbye. Sophia fell asleep before we checked out of the hotel, slept at the grocery and then took an almost 2 hour nap once we got home. She still went to sleep at her normal time.

On Wednesday Olivia turned 4. She had a relatively uneventful day. I took her to the doctor for her 4 yr checkup. She weighs 26.5 pounds and is 36.5 inches tall. She is only in the 3rd to 5th percentile. Her doc says she has a curve going and is just a petite girl. She is still a meat eater. She is having a family dinner tomorrow and a party with her friends on Sunday. I am tired already! Here are 2 of her pictures from the photo shoot.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY..Seriously I love these photos...she looks so beautiful..and I know you don't want to hear this but she looks so grown up!

  2. Hi Becky,

    Oh my gosh, Olivia and Sophia just get prettier every time I see a new picture of them! Tell Olivia Happy Birthday for us please. Hope to get to see you this Spring or Summer. We will make a real effort to.

    Hugs, Michelle

  3. Happy birthday, Olivia!

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Hey ... in case you haven't checked...she is on APC!

  5. Happy Birthday Olivia!!!!!

    I can't believe she's so tiny! Kieren weighs the same amount at 2 years!!! She is a beauty!

    Hope we see you on March 30th!!!


  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!! It's unanimous...she is gorgeous + the photos are fantastic!!


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