Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The more things change.....

.......the more they stay the same. Okay, here are a few things that are currently driving me crazy.

  • One of the things Olivia did that drove me crazy is that she would go in the bathroom and play in the sink. Water would be everywhere along with soap and toothpaste. Well, Sophia is now doing this and it is driving me nuts!
  • Why is it that you can have something on a shelf out of the way and your little darling (Olivia) gets it down and dumps it everywhere? (Happened yesterday and now she is not allowed in our bedroom until further notice)
  • Why is it that they know they are not to write on the walls with anything but they think that since you can't "see" the Benadryl pen on the wall that they are "in the clear"?
  • Why can they not sit at the table and eat without getting up?
  • Why do they put my cloth shower curtain in the tub and get it all wet even though I tell them every time to keep it out of the tub?
  • If they take a bath in my big tub, why can't they do as I've asked and to not fill the candle holders up with water?

I love my girls but sometimes I get tired of saying the same old thing every day. Both girls are happy and healthy. Sophia is saying more words and her speech therapist was proud of her today as she had a few new words. Olivia is starting to help get her to say things the proper way.

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  1. Your list of things driving you nutty cracked me up. (Especially water in the candle holders.) I have a similar list, but different. Linlee clearly understands what "no no" means, yet I am always surprised when she chooses to ignore it and do the naughty thing anyway. I just don't think I was ever like that!


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