Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One year of blogging!

Granted I don't blog every day or even every week but I have enjoyed the last year. One of the first things I included pictures of was of the girls at the Kentucky State Truck Driving Championship. Well, that was this past weekend and Daddy participated again. He did so well. He came in 3rd place in his class - he missed 2nd by just 7 points and he missed 1st by 43 points! Maybe next year will be his year!


  1. What sweet little faces..HUGS to them and you.

  2. Kudos to daddy! The girls certainly look like they had a great day cheering him on!

    Love the list from the previous post. Yup, there are certain things I say so often that I feel like a broken record!

  3. I check your blog everyday and was so glad to see the updates! The girls are really growing! We will definitely see you in Kentucky this year - only we will have Sam with us too!!!!!


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