Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Okay, okay....

So, I have been called out by my friend Julie for needing an update. There is so much to catch up on, where do I start?

  • Swim lessons for Olivia are going great! She is swimming under water and having so much fun although it makes Daddy nervous for her to stand by the ladder and blow bubbles.

  • Potty training for Sophia is back to the good phase. She went through a phase where she would pee in her panties (only at home) and some of them she was trying to make it to the potty but just didn't make it in time. Here is where I found her the other morning when I heard the bathroom door shut and I assumed the worst (I thought she would be playing in the sink). After taking the picture, she said "out, please". I guess she wanted a little privacy. ;-)

  • Speech for Sophia is going great! She is finally saying a ton of words and Olivia is so excited that she can finally say her name. She is still doing speech every other week and I think once this 6 month plan is over she will test out.

  • Father's day was great! We decided to take daddy to the water park at our local amusement park since we could take him for free. Olivia has had a major break through in regards to rides and the characters there. She is riding the rides she refused to ride last year and loving it. She has been talking about riding the roller coaster so we rode it and although she rode it and didn't scream or cry she doesn't want to ride it again. The only character she wants to see right now is Tweety Bird. The girls made David a coffee mug for Father's Day and he loved it. Here are a few pictures:

Next post will be about the AHH Family Reunion Picnic this past weekend......


  1. So GLAD to hear about what you have been up to. We are so looking forward to KY this August and we will have Sam! Yay! And Robbie IS excited about seeing Miss Olivia again. Sorry to put you on the spot about not posting, but....it worked!! :o)

  2. I'm glad Julie shamed you into posting!!! Wish we could've come to the reunion, but it wasn't doable this year. Shopping in August! Can you shop on Sunday, August 19? It's the only time Laurie can make it! Miss you!



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