Monday, July 16, 2007

AHH picnic

Well, I was a little disappointed with the AHH picnic this year. They moved locations - too far out of town - and changed the way food was done - no longer catered. They had food vendors that were supposed to be there until 6:00 pm but as luck would have it they were sold out and gone by 2:30! The were supposed to have more bouncy things but they actually had less than previous years. It didn't seem like there were as many people there this year either. I could name probably 20 families that I know that didn't go. Those are just a few of my disappointments but on to the good things!

We had a good time hanging out with our friends all weekend. We arrived at our hotel Friday afternoon and went swimming while we waited for some friends to arrive. We met a travel mate (D) and her darling daughter (M) at a restaurant for supper and had a good time catching up with her. Unfortunately her hubby (J) was out of town and we didn't get to see him but their daughter is getting so big I think it might be time for them to move her out of the sink and into the tub for baths! ;-)

We arrived at the same time as our two time travel mates the Elkins family. We hadn't seen their oldest (AK) since we returned home from China and it was wonderful to see how she's grown. Sophia had a great time hanging out with their youngest (L). We got to meet their boys and see their oldest daughter again. (She went with them on their/our second trip to China.) We saw my DTC buddy Laurie and her family and it was great getting to see her again. We went through so much together while we were waiting and I loved seeing her. Love ya Laurie!!

After the picnic, we went back to our hotel. We swam a bit, ate pizza and the kids played outside together while the adults talked and caught up some more. I hope the Elkins' can come back soon! I love all of our travel groups and miss them terribly. I will share just a few pictures from the weekend.

Olivia, Sophia and M playing at the pool

Olivia at the picnic

AK and Olivia swinging

This is how I found Sophia Sunday when I went looking for her to eat lunch:



  1. Thanks for the update - I've been waiting for one! ;o) Glad your trip turned out well even with the changes. The girls look great and we cannot wait to see them next month! I will email you soon with our details. We are praying that our TA will come today so that we will have Sam with us in KY.

  2. What meeting up with travel buddies!! Can't wait to see the vacation pics : )

  3. Awe, looks like the girls had a good time!


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