Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, our vacation was wonderful. There were a few melt downs by the girls and well one from me too. We went to Myrtle Beach with my in-laws including my SIL, BIL, his girlfriend and their 2.5 month old baby. Here is the rundown of the week:

  • Sunday - It rained some so we just hung around the condo and went swimming in the indoor pool.
  • Monday - We tye-dyed t-shirts. We did it last year too and Olivia loves it. Sophia really didn't care one way or the other. More rain and more swimming in the indoor and outdoor pool (when it wasn't raining of course). The 5 adults went out to dinner and to see a show (Legends in Concert) while the kiddos stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Tuesday - We went to the beach!! The girls picked up right where they left off last year. We only stayed about 2 hours as it was hot, the girls were getting hungry and cranky. I had to take my FIL their extra set of keys because the ones he had were gone - we think in the ocean. That evening me, David, his brother and his girlfriend went to the outdoor terrace and listened to some Karaoke. David even sang 2 songs.
  • Wednesday - David, his dad and brother went deep sea fishing while me, the girls, sil and M went to Broadway on the Beach. I wish I could have stayed longer but the girls were cranky, Sophia wanted me to carry her and I couldn't rent a stroller as they lost the keys and couldn't rent me one. It seems the shoes she was wearing rubbed little sores on her toes.
  • Thursday - We went to the beach. After supper, we played putt-putt. It was the first time for the girls and they LOVED it! Did they do it exactly as they were supposed to? No but they had a great time.
  • Friday - We actually got to meet up with some friends from our travel groups there. We traveled to China with this family both times and Olivia and Sophia had a ball. They were at a different resort and we went up to visit with them. We went to the beach where some of the kids started building The Great Wall of China. David saw a bigger picture and built a sand castle complete with roads and cars. I don't know who had more fun David or the girls.
  • Saturday - We drove home and made it in about 12.5 hours.

So that was our week in a nut shell. I will do another post with more pics tomorrow. My next installment will be CAMPING. I must admit I am a bit apprehensive about camping this year after how our camping trip last July ended.

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