Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Camping and Holiday World

We took our annual camping trip to Holiday World last month. We usually take the tents and rough it but after fighting to get the kids to take a nap in the heat last year our group decided to rent cabins. It was nice! We drew the short straw and got the futon while our cabin mates with their 3 kiddos got the bed and bedroom. We ended up putting our air mattresses up in the loft with the girls and it wasn't half bad - unless you needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Friday afternoon everyone arrived and after supper the dad's took the kiddos to the swimming pool. David is so impressed with Olivia's swimming. So am I for that matter. While they were gone, the moms/wives made the camp fire. Yea us! We had S'mores and after we all put the kids to bed we stayed up and talked around the campfire.

Saturday morning we went to Holiday World. We had planned on spending the day at the water park but it was kind of windy so we decided to devote the day to riding rides. Olivia has just amazed me at the things she will try. She rode the scrambler which she liked until it started going real fast but she stuck with it and didn't cry or scream. She rode a ride called the Turkey Whirl twice and rode the roller coaster. Sophia will try almost anything one time. She rode the roller coaster too but didn't like it one bit! When it was time for a nap, we all went back to our cabins. We took our cars over to HW and rode the shuttle back to the campground since it takes longer to catch a shuttle at night. Well, that turned out to be the WRONG thing to do. Olivia was fine until she got off the shuttle and got to our cabin door and it was like a light bulb went off in her head. She realized at that moment that her beloved Taggie was in the car and she would not/could not/can not go to sleep without it. Our good friend and cabin mate, Mr. B (as the girls call him) went back to our car and got the Taggie for Olivia. I think he did it as much for his kids (so Liv would quit crying and his kiddos could sleep) as he did for Olivia. She was so thankful and so was/am I! Thanks, Mr. B! We went back and rode more rides - including a log ride for Olivia (she loved it) and mommy - and we closed the place down! Olivia did an awesome job all day! I was really nervous about not taking a stroller (took one for Sophia) or wagon for her because she has not walked a place like that for an entire day. She walked all day and did not complain until we were walking to the car to go back to the cabin.

Sunday we all packed up our cars and went to HW again. This time we did spend much of the day at the water park. Sophia takes a while to warm up to the water attractions. We stayed until just after naps and got home late Sunday evening. I need to load the pics from my camera to my computer and I hope to do that this evening.

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  1. Wow, what a fun sounding weekend! (I'd be all for cabins rather than tents!) The girls look like they had a blast.


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