Thursday, November 01, 2007

2 Years Ago Today......

We went to the Civil Affairs Officein Nanchang, JiangXi province to adopt our youngest daughter Sophia. We were the first family called and were so excited. Olivia was so excited about becoming a big sister that she ran across the hall to where the babies were so she could see Sophia. Of course I had to go get her -- plus I got to see an early glimpse of our daughter. :-) Sophia came right to me and David. She never cried -- it was almost as if she had been prepped for this day. We took her back to the hotel, gave her a bottle and gave her a good looking over before going back to finalize the adoption.

I can't tell you how full Sophia has made our lives over the last 2 years. She is no longer a baby and is becoming a little girl. She is funny, has tons of personality, loves gymnastics, dolls (I can't wait to see her with the doll house she's getting for her birthday), school and playing outside. She is such a loving child too. She will just sit in your lap and cuddle with you but when she gets what she wants (some lovin') she is done with you. Her speech has just exploded and she talks ALL. THE. TIME. so much like her big sister that it drives me CRAZY sometimes! She is completely potty trained. She went through a short phase where she peed in the bed at night but I think that is done -- for now.

For Sophia's Family Day, we spent the day together. We went out for lunch, grilled out at supper time and went to Dairy Queen for dessert. She had a ball eating her Blizzard.


  1. Happy family day, Sophia! What big changes in the last two years. Love that last picture. I think she is either thinking, "YUMMY!" or else she is pleased with herself and thinking "TADA!!!"

  2. Happy Family Day (a little late!) How wonderful to look at those photos to see little Sophia (and Olivia so small too!) Enjoy your "little" blessing!!!


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